Harriet Serenkin

I get my inspiration from lots of sources, including museums and galleries, magazines and books, items in shops, art classes, other artists, and dreams.
My studio is filled with plastic, wooden, and metal objects; beads and buttons; fabrics and ribbons; textured and colored papers; and images from magazines and junk mail.
I constantly teach myself new techniques, experiment with ways to work with different materials, and share ideas with fellow artists. I use found objects and recycled materials to create mixed media and three-dimensional artwork. Many of my pieces come about serendipitously, trying one thing and ending up with something unexpected and wonderful.
In addition to creating my own work, use my skills and creativity in fine arts & crafts, performing, and writing to help people of all ages and populations learn and feel better about themselves. When I work with clients, I do not see them as handicapped, sick, young or old, or in need. I see them as people who are opening up and experiencing joy. I see them immerse themselves in the creating process and release all worries and anxiety. I see myself bringing out the best in them, the healthy part of them. I am addicted to this process and look forward to continuing to work with people in this way.