Location: Australia

Victoria Velazquez, also known under her artistic name Visuals of Victoria; is a Sydney based artist, passionate for travelling and connection whose artworks vary among her photography and design. Growing up in Latino-America without the possibility to afford an art education, her insaciable passion for expression has lead the self-taught artist to move from her small town near Buenos Aires, to travel and experience and grow into a fine art photographer. With a background working on digital and film photography, graphic design and acrylics, the artist believes there's an emotional aspect to what she does — for her design has spirit and the potential to express rather than just a clean mechanical-like thing. Artworks are created out of a personal creative process which includes selecting her specific travel photography that transmits certain emotions and enhancing then for the viewer to have a delightful cocktail of feelings. Focusing in the human energies, nature's beauty, and the passion for uniqueness, Victoria shows what we can't perceive with only the sight. To see her full portfolio


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