Eni Offor Bassey

Eni Offor Bassey

Location: Nigeria

Eni Bassey is a dawn to earth Artist who is not affected by fancies but pursues his visual creativity through the masterful control of Paint and Brush with a style of liquidizing colours. The uniqueness of his style and the effect it has on the viewer explains the rather wild pursuit of his paintings, the friendly honesty that oozes from his works is both compelling and stimulating and it unlocks the desire for a faithful relationship with them.



This is a fusion of Colours interacting in forms and shapes giving some illusions of understanding of the onlooker

Rhythm III “Rhythm III”

It is a liquidised style of painting on Canvas. it's size is 40in x 30in. This depicts some set of drummers from the south western part of Nigeria

Conception “Conception”

This is a conceptual agreement between the male and female cells to becoming one and it is maid of Acrylic on Canvas

Agreement “Agreement”

A 40in x 30in painting done with Acrylic on Canvas. @Enibassey

Spiritual Rhythm “Spiritual Rhythm”

(12in x 30in) Acrylic on Canvas

Return of The Fulanis “Return of The Fulanis”

36in x 48in Liquidized Oil on Canvas