Noro Shiraishi


Location: Japan

Artist Statement

I got to work on the company and felt the chance to start drawing paintings.
There is a society in a disabled society that is moved independently of his / her will. There is no subjectivity
Just to do what I was told. Having doubts about passive way of living, It is the result of choosing an active way of life to move with my own will.

I do not paint paintings with freedom first, someone's order
Being active work. Self-consciousness that is also the title of a solo exhibition.Originally there is no word saying self-fulfillment in Japanese. It is a coined word that I made.

In a way it is my thought and philosophy. To enjoy self is to say that I am a human being I was born and raised environment. It was the place, time, human relationship that I have lived so far. How do I use the person I am cultivating in such a way to make a work.

How can I use me out of my way in the current environment? In a sense I It may be an experiment to act with me.

There is another important thing to make another painting. It is a word. I feel that there is a limit to telling my feelings to words. There is only love as a word to convey love. Because there is something in the work of art that will resonate directly in the heart.

And, as elements of my painting, chaos, craziness, silence, elegance these four are included. Everything is an element of beauty for me. I think that my paintings are keeping the shine because I constantly draw these four elements consciously.

2003 Solo exhibition "Self-sufficiency principle" GALLERY Monma ANNEX
2004 Solo exhibition "Winning self self" TEMPORARY SPACE
2005 Solo Exhibition "Beyond Happyness" GALLERY Monmen ANNEX
2016 Solo exhibition "Self-sufficiency principle No. 2" Alliance Francaise gallery
2017 Solo exhibition "Self-sufficiencyism No. 3" Alliance Francaise Gallery
2018 Solo exhibition "Self-sufficiencyismNo.4" Alliance Francaise Gallery
Exhibited at group exhibition at Colorida Art Gallery in 2019, Portugal, Lisbon



paper. Oil stick

Joker “Joker”

paper. Oil stick

Annoyance “Annoyance”

paper. Oil stick

Silence “Silence”

paper. Oil stick