Barrieu Wood Design


Location: Brazil

My passion for wood sent me start working with this material as a hobby.
I love the shapes that wood can enable, its smell, its touch, the confort sensation it provides and the variety of visual aspects and collors we can find in the nature.
I decided to work as a craftsman, creating only exclusives pieces to the art and decoration markets.
Nature is one of my great inspiration sources. I try to use my works to sensitize people how powerful and important nature has always been.
Another huge source is the daily life: events, experiences, news, images, facts, ....contribute a lot to my creations. The idea is not only reproduce something but mainly tease the viewer to think about the showed subject.

As an autodidact artist I love the abstract.
I also love curves and waves. They give a soft and fluidity sensation to the work.
As an artisan I prefer to use my hands and some no industrial equipments and tools.
In every new work I try to challange myself creating a new shape or inovating the way it will be produced. This is an important motivation aspect for me.

My creations are the outcome of three passions in my life: wood of course, but also the desing and sustainability subjects.
Preferentially I use disposal wood as material , from houses that have been demolished, trees that needed to be cut (to old or for safety reasons),....
It is a great pleasure to give a new life to a piece of wood that would be dismissed. But also a great responsability: give a new shape to something that has been shaped by nature since a long time.



This sculpture was created to celebrate Mother's Day.
It represents the ethernal link between mother and child even living their own lifes.
Both wooden parts are linked by the iron (UMBILICAL cord) and fit perfectly one to each other as child an mother unity.
The upper part (child) can be turned 360 degrees in either direction, living his life completly free, by his own, knowing his mother (fixed lower part) will be there to support him anytime.
Made from a very old disposed wood it broke in 2 parts during transportation. The UMBILICAL idea started from this incident.


Angelim Wood
40 X 40 X 8 CM


Created as a tribute to those who had a near-death experience and received an opportunity to RESTART their lifes.
As a tree that has been cut at his trunk level supposed to be dead sudenly restarts germinating new stronger and more beautiful branches.

Recently a very near person commited suicide and fortunately survive. That gave me inspiration to create this sculpture as a celebration to the his new life.


Wood & Brass
45 x 30 x 30 cm



Jatobá Wood
75 x 25 x 9 cm


SERRA PELADA is the name of a location in Brasil where it was stablished the biggest brazilian gold mining activity during the 80's.
It was closed in 1992 remaining only a 24.000 square meters crater, 70 to 80 meters depth.
This frame represents the location after the destructive exploration.


Jatobá Wood
79 x 29 x 5 cm


Sculpture representing a human eye.


Muiracatiara Wood
48 x 21 x 6 cm