Christine Götti

Objects, landscapes, sounds or random constellations
of colors and shapes, mostly from nature, arouse my interest.
In a first phase, an object is captured by sketching and photographing.
It is part of my creative process to distance myself from the figurative in the further steps. The pictures become more abstract. I work with acrylic paint, often with a spatula. It does not always remain with the pure application of paint.
I like to integrate small finds into my works - new units and surprising harmonies emerge. The original motif sometimes only shines as a hint. What appears on the canvas at the end are mirror images of the soul.

At the Schule für Gestaltung in Basel, today the Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst, I attended the graphic arts class. When I graduated in 1993, a new professional life began, first as a graphic designer, and finally with my own graphic design studio.
For more than fifteen years now, I have been primarily and intensively engaged in painting. My works could be seen in individual and group exhibitions.
The paintings are created in the studio in nearby Alsace or in exchange studios at home or abroad. I like to venture on foreign soil. With outstretched feelers and tense openness for what falls to me.


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