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Alma Lee

I have been an artist right from the womb. I work in many styles and mediums. What I create from the start is always a mystery. I always start and the truth of the image takes over. And anao one is more surprised than me at the finished piece.

Seasons of Klimt “Seasons of Klimt”

I love Klimt, His passion and his ardor comes through in most of his work is enchanting. But I felt a bit disappointed when I looked at his Tree of Life it seemed to lack His passion and joy present in all of his paintings. I set about trying to find the joy in it. This is is my version, It is done in oil and gold leaf. It is 16x20 on a stretched canvas

The Journey Ended in Hope “The Journey Ended in Hope”

2019 i was diagnosed with Brest Cancer. And I set about making a collage that would encapsulate all of the emotions, fear and ultimately the HOPE that rose out of that. Image is darkin all of the choas of the time, but I knew I was shrouded in a veil of love, strength and God given Hope. In the end the cancer was gone and I was left with only HOPE. I wouldn't trade it for the world.

The Kiss (sold) “The Kiss (sold)”

The one we all Dream of, the one that knocks you off your feet, and takes you out of circulation. Done in oil and and gold foil. It is 16x20" on stretched canvas.

Dark Hope “Dark Hope”

The rave has long been a symbol of Doom throughout history. I did some checking in some circle it is also a symbol of Hope. The woman in the chair has seen a lot of darkness in her life. She has been around the block and encountered defeat and rose above. Now rises he dark hope in the form of the raven and she is turning the corner. It will take all her strength to believe in that hope but it as she does, she will be set free. Oil on stretched canvas.