Randall Vemer

Artist:  Randall Vemer          
Illustrator, oil painter, mural designer, book cover designer, teacher, film creator

Making the transition from classical music to classical painting was not such a big conceptual leap for me.  Both art forms demand years of serious training and analysis. After doing Alla-Prima painting (direct painting) I became interested in the classical method of constructing a painting in layers.  After the design stage of several drawings, an ‘under-painting’ in monochromatic tones is created; over which layers of color glazes and impasto in the lights are added. This way I’m able to create the desired luminosity and rich effects that hopefully result. Bringing the Old Master approach to contemporary subjects I find interesting. Currently teaching Renaissance/Baroque painting methods. 

His project MusArt is an exhibition of 40 oil paintings of musicians around the world combining live music, Haiku poetry, film with original music by Grammy winning composer, and a published book. The film has won documentary film festival awards in Rome, Florence, Paris, St. Petersburg, Tokyo, Berlin, New York, and Los Angeles among others.



Sylvia and Pearls “Sylvia and Pearls”

Live model pose 15 hours

Self Portrait “Self Portrait”

Pointilist style

Awaiting New Life “Awaiting New Life”

Chose for national edition article of Episcopal Church of America

Barber Adagio “Barber Adagio”

Assistant Principal 2nd violinist Inez Belgique of Oregon Symphony, studying music score.

Joe Howard “Joe Howard”

Joe Howard, my friend and a wonderful Portland Oregon oil painter

I Love my MYS “I Love my MYS”

Music Stand commission for Metropolitan Youth Symphony Gala 2015 (MYS)

The Oboist “The Oboist”

Victoria Racz, oboe and soloist in Portland metro area. Exhibiting poise, confidence, and beauty before solo performance.

Tennis Championship “Tennis Championship”

Commission by client who went to National Tennis Finals 2016

Colleen “Colleen”

Classical pianist finalist in Van Cliburn International Piano Competition

IrineTheViolinist “IrineTheViolinist”

Irine Gamdzhashvili, virtuoso violinist from Republic of Georgia

Ines “Ines”

Venezuelan violinist in Oregon Symphony

Tiffany “Tiffany”

Won Honorable Mention Oregon Society of Artists Nov. 2017