Roland Van Loon

I love culture and cultures. I love observing its calamities, it’s passions for life and its “joie de vivre”. I like what’s been passed down through the generations through dance, families, survival and love. I am inspired by different kinds of passions for living, like being a parent, an artist and a salsa dancer.

I believe the impulse to paint is inspired and should not be subordinate to skill and technique. That is why I paint from memory. It allows my subconscious to open up its memory of what I saw and felt. The technique many times comes from the demands of the subject naturally while evolving and experimenting.

Roland van Loon graduated with a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Hawaii where he was the apprentice of master painter and “National Treasure”, Jean Charlot. With Charlot as his mentor, van Loon assisted with major murals commissioned by the State of Hawaii. Roland is one of the honored artists in America who is the recipient of the Ford Foundation Traveling Grant. He toured Europe studying art under this distinguished umbrella.

Roland currently resides in Santa Fe, NM and visits Hawaii often where he has a house he built in Hilo on the Big Island.


From Hawaii

Early gouache and oil paintings.

The Contest “The Contest”

24" x 36", gouache on paper, 1989

Everybodys Rock “Everybodys Rock”

20" x 36", gouache on paper, 1989

Ari and Her Flamingos “Ari and Her Flamingos”

36" x 48", oil on canvas, 1991.

Mr Mum “Mr Mum”

40" x 60", oil on canvas, 1992

One Big Bugga “One Big Bugga”

48" x 62", oil on canvas, 1993.

Paulie Boy “Paulie Boy”

36" x 48", oil on canvas, 1993.

Old Man of the Sea “Old Man of the Sea”

24" x 36", gouache on paper, 1991.

Last Catch at Kalapana “Last Catch at Kalapana”

24" x 36", gouache on paper, 1989

Honu Seaturtle “Honu Seaturtle”

24" x 36", gouache on paper, 1986

The Silver Highway “The Silver Highway”

24" x 36", gouache on paper, 1993

2000 - present

Series of paintings from Santa Fe, NM and the Spanish culture...