Anastasia Vasilyeva

Anastasia Vasilyeva is a contemporary artist and professional mathematician. She was born 1982 in St.Petersburg (Russia) in an artists-family (4th generation).

In 2008 Anastasia moved to Switzerland where she's been living since then. In her works she combines art with motifs and themes of mathematics as well as computer science. Her work also focuses on current social problems.
Inspired by Mark Rothko, Jackson Pollack, Kandinsky and Gerhard Richter, Anastasia Vasilyeva tries to make a conceptual contribution in Contemporary Art.

Artist Statement: The main goal is to combine abstract expressionism with science.
This connects the emotional level, which belongs to Expressionism, with the intellectual and logical structures.
All of the artist's works have several levels of meaning. They are not only visually attractive, but also provide an impulse to philosophize and appeal to something historical which connects us all.

The Art Catalogue is available on AMAZON (ANASTASIA VASILYEVA).

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Science Art

The artworks inspired by Science. The mathematical symbols and formulas will be used as an abstract elements.

These art works symbolize the memories about our development path. The central painting -School Blackboard symbolize the object, that connect all of us as a start point of our development. Because even the famous scientist used to learn that 2+2 equals 4. T

he old school blackboard keeps all these memories about the learning path from the simple to complexity. It's also a symbol of the first love and the first difficulties in our lives. The artist wants to touch the viewers to remind about something very personal for us.

All the works are ready to hang with a professional hanger. Finished with a matt varnish with UV protection.

ABC from Science art collection “ABC from Science art collection”

Dive into the amazing blue vibrations. This is a painting by Anastasia Vasilyeva (Russian artist who immigrated to Switzerland in 2008). The canvas immerses the viewer in letters of different alphabet. In the work there is an association with the school board (the title painting of Anastasia Vasilyeva).
But this time the artist does not write formulas, but prefers letters. And only a small inlay of formulas makes a parallel to the mathematical language with the letters of the Greek alphabet, which is thus written on the painting.

The artist writes in Cyrillic alphabet, reminding about the connection of the Greek alphabet with the Russian alphabet - the native language of the artist.
The painting is made in a multi-layered technique of painting with acrylic and uses several layers of oil pastel. The artist therefore uses her branded technique of scratching out symbols. This gives the painting even greater depth.
Each layer of painting is fixed with a matt varnish.

Old school board N8 from science art collection “Old school board N8 from science art collection”

Acrylic and oil pastel on canvas