Annette Sawers

Annette Sawers

Location: Canada

My name is Annette Sawers, and I am a full time artist and teacher. I was born in the UK, and moved to Canada in the 1980’s. In fact, I have lived longer in Canada than the UK, though my accent has remained, I am told very British. My main medium is acrylics and my subjects are what grab’s me at the time, this year I am working exclusively on abstract.
My education I received from Nevada and it is in art, art history and English Literature. I returned to painting and drawing after a long break and now have the incredible fortune of having my own studio. Visit my website at to view more of my art to purchase or contact me.
Art enriches the soul and gives confidence and joy to all ages. There is no such thing as someone that cannot draw or paint, once the confidence is built there is another artist born.



Abstract lets the viewer to see different things, the beauty is there is no wrong answer.
Visit my website for purchasing or to contact me at

Organic “Organic”

From a series of paintings about the environment. Organic celebrates the growing of our own food, knowing what goes into what we are eating. Being self sub staining my become a necessity not a hobby.
Acrylic and mixed medium on canvas

Pods “Pods”

What do you see? Is it of this world? Is it of this planet?
Acrylic on canvas

Brigadoon “Brigadoon”

From the Scottish series. Canadian and world wide we have Scottish influences.
Acrylic on canvas

Highland Fling “Highland Fling”

Part 2 of the Scottish series.
Acrylic on Canvas

Tide Turning “Tide Turning”

The ocean in constant motion lends movement to this piece.
Acrylic and Mixed Medium on Canvas
8"x10" Framed

Tyrian Purple “Tyrian Purple”

What does this piece say to you?
Acrylic and Mixed Medium on canvas

Feather Boa “Feather Boa”

There is a seaweed called Feather Boa, is this the bottom of the ocean? Or is it a colourful feather boa dropped by a party goer?
Acrylic and mixed medium on canvas

Mulberry Wine “Mulberry Wine”

End of a summer day, the sky painting colours across the sky.
Acrylic, mixed medium on canvas
8"x10" Framed

Strength “Strength”

This is the strength of a tree above and below the earth.
Pottery Piece
Acrylic on Clay

A Windy Day “A Windy Day”

Mother Nature making herself felt.
Acrylic and mixed medium on canvas
8"x10" Framed