Nathaniel Milljour

Nathaniel Milljour

Location: Canada

Trademark Artwork and imagery ranging far and wide in subject matter, from traditional
architecture, to figures of incredible
emotion, depth and color.

Often categorized into Lowbrow,
he mainly uses Chiaroscuro, to create vivid
Figurative images with somewhat of a Gothic, Erotic, and often Fetishly charged flair.

Although usually primarily focusing on his fine art in Acrylic and Oil, his newer works are becoming more and more technologically
enhanced, often using hand sketches digitally

Nathaniel’s work is as far ranged as his
clients, with his art and poster work in
high demand for the sub-culturally

His artwork graces the halls of private
collectors as well as the dark back alleys
of nightclubs and other
places frequented by
“creatures of the night”.


The Distinguished Dachshunds

A contemporary gallery of portraiture devoted to a family of Canine War Heros of teh Fatherland.

The Old Marshal “The Old Marshal”

By Nathaniel Milljour

The Officer “The Officer”

By Nathaniel Milljour

The Baron “The Baron”

By Nathaniel Milljour