Bedriska Znojemska

Bedřiška Znojemská, real name Božena Krejčová, Fritzová, was born on June 2, 1928 in the family of an officer in Znojmo, the Czech Republic. In 1947 she graduated from the grammar school in České Budějovice and began her studies at the Faculty of Medicine of Charles University. During political checks in 1950, she was expelled from the study and at the same time she was banned from all types of schools. Therefore, in the years 1951 - 1956 she studied painting privately with the academic painter Emanuel Frinta, the academic painter František Ketzek and the academic painter František Nedvěd.

According to the current theory of art, we could call the specificity of Bedřiška Znojemská's modern symbolism "iconic symbolism", ie based on such a concept of symbol, where the painter is based on the depiction of a certain object, figure as a "pattern" (eg. a figure becomes a sign). on the one hand, it relies on a secretive allegorical idea in the painting.

Exhibitions: Portugal, California, France, Switzerland, England, Canada, Germany and Sweden.
She has won eleven international diplomas and awards, and in Stockholm she is awarded a gold medal at the World's Fair of "Great Talents".


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