Yishi Deng

Yishi Deng is a multidisciplinary artist based
in New York, born in Guangzhou(China), to a
family of a judge father, an investor mother, and
a scientist brother. She received her BFA in fashion
design from Academy of Art University and MFA in
Design and Technology from Parsons School of Design. She
specializes in illustration, fashion styling, and VR interactive
design. Yishi has been honing her illustration skill since she was
old enough to paint with her mother’s favorite lipstick.
Starting out as a fashion stylist, Yishi has worked with renowned
photographers and top-notch magazines in Asia, including
MilkX HongKong and Harper’s Bazaar China. Leveraging her
curiosity, she constantly explores the possibilities of mediums
and narrative forms that would reach broad audiences. Mixed
reality, including virtual reality and augmented reality, is one of
her shining talents. “Adulting”, a VR interactive experience
Yishi created in 2019 to ease her parents’ concern of immature
daughter, has successfully touched audiences age range from 8
to 73. “Adulting” has been invited to showcase at NYC Media
Lab and featured by XReality Center.
She continues to grow as an illustrator and keeps painting to
cope with the uncertainty even during the pandemic. Her love
for bright colors and animals has brightened up thousands of
heavy hearts on social media.


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