Klaudia Jozwiak

Klaudia Jozwiak

Location: Poland


Queen with broken crown

A surrealistic piece with combaine brush work on the pattern of traditional paintings with a combination of new techniques of digital painting.The idea of this painting
is to mix dark environment with a colors,which represent that even in the darkness times there is always a light and we shouldn't let it go.

Hybrid “Hybrid”

Traditional drawing showing extreme humans nature.Mix of beautiful face with some deformations showing that everyone has demons inside

Escape the mind “Escape the mind”

Surrealistic painting with combination of fractals.Meaning behind this artwork is creating illusion in the same way as human mind can foolish us

Simbiosis “Simbiosis”

Traditional drawing capturing simbiosis between man-kind and technology

Underworld “Underworld”

Symbolist painting in fantasy stylization.Symbolism behind this piece is hope in darkness which wade through to light.

Wonderland “Wonderland”

Surrealist painting that capture struggles in life that we need to get through to achieve our goals