Lorena Rodriguez

Lorena Rodriguez is a self-taught costa Rican artist, who is recognized and signs all the her work by her artistic name, "Lore". Concentrating on oil-based abstract art, Lore's body of work encompasses bright and dark abstracts that are unique in today's society as they encapsulate our universe, the cosmos and important spiritual themes. Through the combinations of rich colors and a profound artistic vision, Lore used oils to bring the universe, Mother Nature and all of our surroundings to life on each canvas. The ultimate goal of her paintings is to give all of us a rare appreciations for all of the beauty that exists in our Universe, while showing us what other Nature is capable of.
In order to successfully achieve the multifaceted effect each painting has to offer, Lore utilizes an array of colors and forms along with special tools in order to craft an intricate vision of our universe and the gifts it offers. Most importantly however it is Lore's own deep connection with the universe that allows her to transform her limitless imagination onto each canvas in order to successfully create timeless works of abstract art that touch and inspire every generations.