Zenzele Chulu


Location: Zambia

Family name: CHULU

First name: KENNETH


Date and place of birth: 24.10.1967, Chipata, Eastern Province
Province (current): Lusaka Province
Nationality: Zambian
Marital Status: Married
Passport NO: ZN000095
Postal address: Insakartists Trust Office
Henry Tayali Visual Arts Centre, F3 Lion Lane, Lusaka Showgrounds,
P.O. Box 35798, Lusaka,
Telephone/Fax: cell +260 977-531 335
Studio/work: ZEN d’ ZYN Studio, Henry Tayali Visual Arts Centre.
Home: cell-+260 955 531 335
E-mail: chuzen2410@yahoo.com / insakartists@gmail.com
Weblink: www.zenzelechulu.weebly.com

Painting, sculpture, illustrations, computer graphics, interactive art performance and multi media production.

Artist, Art Teacher , Art administrator and Networking, Poet, Writer, Documentation Researcher, Web Designer ,Art exhibition and workshop organizer.

2015 - 2016 Art Consultant - Rivers of The World Project, British Council - Lusaka, Zambia.
2015 Art Consultant - Blue in UN School Art Project, United Nations - Lusaka, Zambia.
2013-2014 Art Expertise VAC – UNICEF Journey In History Project.
2014 Designer – Zambia Pavillion and Steering Committee Member, Milan Expo 2015
2013 to date Community Art Teaching, Lubuto Community Library, Garden Compound, Lusaka.
2011 Coordinator, Pan African Contemporary Art Symposium, Lusaka
2010 Design and modification of Zambian Pavilion , EXPO 2010, Shanghai China.
2009 Presidential Mausoleum Design Workshop, Rockston Studios, Lusaka.
2009 Curator, Art Lives On Research and Exhibition, Henry Tayali Gallery, Lusaka.
2007 Consultant , Crisis In Zimbabwe Women Project Lusaka / Johannesburg.
2006 -2007 Art Academy With Walls Studios Coordinator, Lusaka.
2006 Documentalist Video and Photography , UNDP/MCDSS Village Banking ( Grameen ) Project, Zambia
2004-2005 Design and Installation, Zambia Pavilion, EXPO 2005, Aichi ,Nagoya, Japan.
2002 – to date Coordinator - Insaka International Artists Trust ,Lusaka
2002 -2003 Website Design & ICT Development of the Insaka International Artists Workshop.
2001 OAU / AU Summit Art Organising Committee Coordinator, Lusaka.
2000-2001 Manager , Henry Tayali Art Centre, Lusaka.
2000 - 2003 Documentation Coordinator, Henry Tayali Visual Art Centre, Lusaka.
1999 -2000 Manager , Henry Tayali Art Centre, Lusaka .
1998 --2003 Research Assistant , VAC Documentation Project , Zambia.
1998 --1999 Manager , Henry Tayali Art Centre, Lusaka.
1994 - 1997 Head of Art Section, Kabulonga Boys High School, Lusaka.

2015 Entrepreneurship Training, African Arts Institute, Cape Town, South Africa
2002 Web Design Training, ZAMCOM Institute, Lusaka.
1998 Basic Computer Application Course, Henry Tayali Art Centre, Lusaka.
1997 Self Taught Computer , Kabulonga Teacher Resource Centre, Lusaka.
1994 Self Taught Pan African studies and research
1993 Art Teacher's Diploma, Evelyn Hone College, Lusaka, Zambia
1989 Secondary School cert. Distinction in art, Chizongwe Technical School, Chipata.

2016 Festival D' Art Urbain, Majunga and Antananarivo, Madagascar.
2016 Thupelo Assembly, Boschendal Farm Retreat , Francheok, Cape Town. S. Africa.
2016 Study Tour of London, Rivers of the World Project, British Council/Totally Thames Trust, London, U.K.
2016 Rock Art Ventures mini expedition with Neil Shaw and Wesiley Bailey III, Eastern Province, Zambia.
2015 Cultural Entrepreneurship Training Course, African Arts Institute, Cape Town. S. Africa.
2014 KAURU Contemporary Art Exhibition, UNISA, Pretoria, South Africa.
2013 Africa - South America Conference – Cultural Forum, Malabo , Equatorial Guinea.
2012 PUMA Lottery travel to Basel, Switzerland and Kassel , Germany ( see Awards )
2011 Triangle Network Conference, London, UK
2010 EXPO 2010, Shanghai, China.
2010 2010 World Cup ARTS Village, Zambia Stand, Polokawane, South Africa.
2010 Netsa Capacity Building Workshop, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
2010 Triangle Network KSS Artists-in-Residence, Art Bakery, Doula, Cameroon.
2008 Triangle Network KSS Artists-in-Residence, Partage Contemporary Art, Flic en Flac, Mauritius.
2008 ARESUVA Conference, Abuja, Nigeria.
2007 Triangle Artists Network Meeting , Cape Town, South Africa.
2007 Crisis In Zimbabwe Exhibition, Drill Hall, Johannesburg, South Africa.
2007 Planning Meetings, Crisis In Zimbabwe Project , Johannesburg,South Africa
2005 Triangle Arts, Regional Network Meeting, Kuona Trust, Nairobi,Kenya.
2005 EXPO 2005 , Aichi , Nagoya, Japan.
2005 Artist-in Residence , Bag Factory, Johannesburg, South Africa.
2004 Lechwe Trust Travel Grant, TGD4 International Art workshop, Tambacounda, Senegal
2003 Thwasa Art Experience & Cross-Border Performance , Durban ,South Africa.
2003 Attended Triangle Network Meeting , Johannesburg, South Africa.
2002 Travelling Mind, Solo Art Exhibition & Networking in Lilongwe, Malawi.
2001 Thapong International Art Workshop, Gaberone, Botswana.

2012 PUMA Creative Africa Network Lottery Trip Winner to ART Basel ,Basel, Switzerland
2012 PUMA Creative Africa Network Lottery Trip Winner to Documenta 13, Kassel Germany
2004 Winner of Franco-Phonie Best Painting Award, Alliance Francaise, Lusaka.
2001 Winner of Henry Tayali Award - Best 2 Dimension , Mulungushi CC, Lusaka.
2001 Finalist of Osaka Triennale International Art Competition , Osaka, Japan.
1993 "Sports for all" art competition, second prize, Evelyn Hone College, Lusaka.

2011-2014 Vice Chairperson - Zambia National Visual Arts Council
2009 – 2013 Vice Chairperson – Zambia National Visual Arts Council
2002 to date Insaka International Artists - Coordinator communication and networking.
2000-01 VAC Lusaka Branch Committee member,
1997-00 Co-ordinator , VAC Art Materials Committee, HTVAC, Lusaka.
1992 Member of Zambia National Visual Arts Council (VAC)
1994-98 Kabulonga Art Association
1995-03 Zambia National Visual Arts Council National Executive Committee Member,
1998-03 Member of Documentation committee, VAC,

2016 Festival D' Art Urbain, Majunga and Antananarivo, Madagascar.
2013 Wax and Gold Workshop, School of Fine Arts , University of Addis Ababa.
2010 Triangle Network KSS Artists-in-Residence, Art Bakery, Doula, Cameroon.
2008 Triangle Network KSS Artists-in-Residence, Partage Contemporary Art, Flic en Flac, Mauritius
2005-2007 Rockston Studio, Resident Artist, Lusaka ,Zambia.
2005 Bag Factory Artist-in- Residence, Johannesburg , South Africa.
2005 Zambian Pavilion Designer and Curator, Expo 2005 , Nagoya , Aichi, Japan.
2005 - 04 Keur Yaadikoonne Artist –in- Residence, Ngor Island , Senegal
2004 Selected artist - Tambacounda International Art Workshop, Senegal .
2004 Digital Workshop, Johannesburg, SA
2003 Thwasa Art Experience & Cross-Border Performance , Durban ,SA
2003 Triangle International Artists Network Workshop , Johannesburg, South Africa.
2001 Thapong International Art Workshop, Gaberone,Botswana.
2004 Insaka International Artist Workshop, Zambia.
2003 Insaka International Artist Workshop, Zambia.
2001 Thapong International Artist Workshop, Botswana
2000 Writing Skills for Publications, Kepa- Zambia.
2000 Design and Layout Workshop, Kepa - Zambia.
1999 'Standard Documentation for Museums ' , Garden HSE Hotel , Lusaka.
1999 Drawing Workshop' , HTVAC , Lusaka.
1999 2nd Advocacy Workshop, Lusaka.
1999 1st Advocacy Workshop, Lusaka.
1997 "Mbile International Artists Workshop", Siavonga, Zambia
1997 "Carborundum I", Choma Museum, Choma, Zambia
1997 "Lusaka Branch Workshop", HTVAC, Lusaka, Zambia
1997 "Etching Workshop", HTVAC, Lusaka, Zambia

2016 " Vision Galore ii" Exhibition, Henry Tayali Gallery, Lusaka.
2015 Far Over The Hills’, 317 Independence Ave, Lusaka.
2004 Schematic Tantrums , Rockston Gallery, Lusaka.
2002 Traveling Mind , Elise Place, Lilongwe, Malawi.
2001 "Vision Galore", Henry Tayali Gallery, Lusaka.
2001 Zenzele At Café d'Africa, Café D'Africa Restaurant, Lusaka.
1992 "Rastafari Centennial", Munda Wanga B. Gardens, Chilanga, Zambia

2013 Kamulanga Contemporary Art Exhibition, Livingstone Museum ,Livingstone.
2011 ZED Art 4 Sale Expo, Polo Grounds, Lusaka.
2011 AmCham – Zambia Exhibition, Plot 317 Independence Ave. , Lusaka.
2011 Tribute Art Exhibition, Henry Tayali Gallery, Lusaka.
2010 Face 2 Face – Portrait Exhibition, Henry Tayali Gallery, Lusaka.
2010 Insakartists Exhibition, Henry Tayali Gallery, Lusaka.
2006 NORSAD / Insakartists Exhibition, Lusaka National Museum,Lusaka.
2005 Insakartists Exhibition, Henry Tayali Gallery ,Lusaka.
2004 Professional Artists Exhibition, Henry Tayali Gallery ,Lusaka.
2004 Franco - Phonie Exhibition, Alliance Francaise, Lusaka.
2003 'A Name To Remember', Rockston Gallery, Lusaka.
2003 National Art Exhibition, Henry Tayali Gallery, Lusaka.
2003 Zamntambi Art Exhibition, Hotel Intercontinental , Lusaka.
2003 The Giants , Henry Tayali Gallery, Lusaka.
2002 Luso Exhibition , Zambezi Sun Hotel, Livingstone, Zambia.
2001 OAU Presidential Art Display - Mulungushi Village, Lusaka.Zambia
2001 Poetry Reading, African, African - American Alliance, Lusaka Museum.
2000 Honarts "Student Perspective", Evelyn Hone College, Lusaka,
1999 Millennium Art Exhibition , Henry Tayali Gallery , Lusaka .
1999 Zamntambi Art Exhibition . Namandwe Gallery , Lusaka .
1998 National Art Exhibition. Henry Tayali Visual Arts Centre. Lusaka
1998 Art 4 Art exhibition. Lusaka National Museum. Lusaka.
1996 "Musikili School", Marco Polo Restaurant, Lusaka, Zambia
1996 "Sculpture", Henry Tayali Visual Arts Center, Lusaka, Zambia
1995 "Circolo Italiano", Marco Polo Restaurant, Lusaka, Zambia
1995 "Imiti Ikula", Henry Tayali Visual Arts Center, Lusaka, Zambia
1995 "Official Opening of Henry Tayali Visual Arts Center", HTVAC, Lusaka,
1994 "Air Trade Association", Garden House, Lusaka, Zambia
1994 "Professional Hunters", Intercontinental Hotel, Lusaka, Zambia
1994 "David Shepard", Pamodzi Hotel, Lusaka, Zambia
1994 "Chikano Expressions", HTVAC, Lusaka, Zambia
1993 "Sports for all", Evelyn Hone College, Lusaka, Zambia
1993 Honarts "Student Perspective", Evelyn Hone College, Lusaka, Zambia
1992 "American-Canadian" exhibition, Intercontinental Hotel, Lusaka, Zambia
1991 New Comers Exhibition, Mpapa Gallery , Lusaka.

2014 Kauru Art EXHIBITION, UNISA, Pretoria, S.A.
2013 Wax and Gold Public Art, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
2009 LETTERA27, Milan , Italy
2008 ABRO Ethiopia Art Exhibition, Asni Gallery, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
2008 ARESUVA Exhibition, Abuja , Nigeria.
2007 TAJAN Contemporary Art Exhibtion, Espace Tajan, Paris, France
2006 Lettera 27- curated by Katia Anguelova, Milan, Italy
2005 Kopano Art Exhibition, Bag Factory, Johannesburg, South Africa.
2005 Chipekeni Art Exhibition, Le Rustique, Nairobi, Kenya.
2005 JOKO International Art Festival, Ngo Island, Dakar, Senegal
2004 TGD4 Tambacounda International Exhibition, Tambacounda, Senegal
2004 Afrika Heritage Biennale, Enugu, Nigeria.
2004 Insakartists International Art Exhibition, Henry Tayali Gallery, Lusaka.
2003 Abale International Contemporary Art Exhibition, NORSAD Agency, Lusaka.
2003 Cross-Border Interactive Art Performance , Durban, S.A.
2003 Insakartists International Art Exhibition, Henry Tayali Gallery, Lusaka.
2002 100 World Portraits, Germany
2001 Thapong Inter. Art Exhibition, National Gallery, Gaberone, Botswana.
2001 OSAKA Triennale International Art Exhibition, Osaka, Japan.
2000 Expo 2000 Hanover , Germany.
1997 Mbile International Artists Exhibition, Lusaka.
1996 Contemporary Zambian Exhibition , Africa Centre , London UK.

1992 - 2007 "National Exhibitions, Henry Tayali Gallery,Lusaka.

2016 Mausoleum Design Project, Ministry of Chiefs,Lusaka.
2013 NGOMA Awards stage design, New Govt Complex, Lusaka.
2009 Mausoleum Design Project, Ministry of Works and Supply, Lusaka.
2007 NORSAD Annual Report Cover design, NORSAD,Lusaka.
2000 Certficates and card design for SARINGNON, Afronet, Lusaka.
2000-01 Cover Design & layout - SARINGNON Directory, Afronet ,
1999 Makeni SEDB Show room Interior Designs, SEDB .
1998 Harvest Time II, oil on canvas, Dr Lodh UNDP,
1996 ANTI-AIDS Illustrations, Calendar 1996, Commissioner: Andrew Hobbs
1994 State Lottery -symbol, placed around Lusaka, commissioner: State Lottery

2011 Radison Blu Hotel, “Lawen”, Lusaka, Zambia.
2006 POST Collection, POST Newspaper Head Office, Lusaka , Zambia
2004 National Collection, "opportunites", Lusaka Museum.
2004 NORSAD Agency, "Schematic Tantrums site:42"
1997 Lechwe Trust Collection , "Siesta" Lusaka.
1997 Mbile Collection, "Press Conference", Lusaka.
1995 Equator Collection, "Feast in Luangwafwa", Equator Offices, Lusaka
1994 Cavemont Merchant Bank , "Legacy of African beauty", Lusaka.
1992 National Sports Council Collection , "Hope Over Tragedy" , Lusaka .

2016 K. Dzekedzeke, ''Reach Them Teach Them", oil on canvas, Lusaka.
2016 K. Dzekedzeke, "Adoration of Nefertiti '' oil on canvas, Lusaka.
2015 Isaya Higa, "Promises", oil on canvas, Japan.
2015 Rosia Oliveira, "Lunch for Two" , oil on canvas, Brazil.
2014 Mr Isaya Higa-, “ Purification",oil on canvas, Japan.
2011 K. Dzekezeke,- “ambitions”, oil on canvas Lusaka.
2009 Mr Chilambwe Lwao-, “ Pondani Madoda” oil on canvas, Lusaka.
2006 Mr Jacob Argur,- ‘ Writing On The Wall’ & ‘ Sankofa’, oil on canvas ,USA
2005 Moona Mokoena,- “Ghetto Reconstruction” oil on canvas Gallery Momo, Johannesburg
2004 Mr Rossi,- ‘Schematic Tantrums site: 66 & 67 oil on canvas,Lusaka
2004 Anna Ranfelt,- Schematic Tantrums site:45, oil on canvas ,Sweden
2004 Mr and Mrs Olsted-, Schematic Tantrums site:53, oil on canvas, Denmark
2003 John Davies-, Schematic Tantrums site:27, oil on canvas Lusaka
2002 Elizabeth Hughes-, Beni Dancers, oil on canvas ,Pretoria, South Africa.
2001 Diana Buchard-, "watch me watching you", oil on canvas ,Lusaka.
2001 William Miko -, "ancient lovers", oil on canvas ,Lusaka.
2000 Aron Chungu - , Access Finance , oil on canvas, Lusaka.
1993 Alick Miti Family Collection-, "Family portraits",pastel & pencil on paper, Kalulushi home
1993 Mr. Gaudenzio Rossi- “Feeling warm Mum's back & Wanderfish", oil on canvas ,Lusaka.
1994 Chilombo Collection-, "Never abort again" , oil on canvas,Lusaka.
1997 Italian Ambassador Collection-, " Lions in the dark", Lusaka.
1998 Dr Lodhi,- " Landscape" and " Marketbiz", oil on canvas ,Paris, France.
1998 Ellie Burleigh -, " Kitchen Party", oil on canvas ,Venezuela .
1999 Mrs Matilla -, " Mountain Eagles" , oil on canvas FINNIDA , Lusaka .

LITERATURE ( publications )
2007 TAJAN catalogue, Paris , Zambia
2005 Chipekeni Art Exhibition from Zambia essay, MSANI magazine, Nairobi,Kenya.
2003 Writing summaries for VAC Professional Artists catalogue, Lusaka ,Zambia.
2003 Writing essays for the 2003 Insakartists Catalogue.Lusaka ,Zambia
2003 Abale 2003 Catalogue,Lusaka , Zambia.
2001 Osaka Triennale 2001 Contemporary Art Catalogue, Osaka, Japan.
1997 Gallery Magazine, Gallery Delta, Harare, Zimbabwe.

2007 The Post Newspaper, Lusaka, Zambia.
2006 The Post Newspaper, Lusaka ,Zambia
2005 The Post Newspaper, Lusaka Zambia
2002 The Nation Newspaper, Lilongwe, Malawi.
2001 Monitor Newspaper, Lusaka.
1997 Gallery Magazine, Harare Zimbabwe.
1996 National Mirror, Lusaka.
1995 Chronicle Newspaper, Lusaka.

2016 KOLOTV, Antananarivo, Madagascar.
2016 Press TV, with Neil Shaw for Associated Press TV, UK / Iran.
2011 BBC Network Africa Interview with Akwesi Sapong, London, UK
2004 The Reporter , ZNBC TV. Lusaka , Zambia.
2004 Choice FM Reggae Gold Interview with Uncle Ebuku
2003 STUDIO 53, Mnet Artists Profile
2002 News Item, TV Interview, ZNBC TV., Lusaka , Zambia
2001 Culture At A Glance, Interview with Rosina Mbewe, ZNBC Radio, Lusaka , Zambia.
2001 News Item – OSAKA Triennale, ZNBC TV. Lusaka , Zambia.
2000 Culture At A Glance, Interview with Rosina Mbewe ZNBC Radio, Lusaka , Zambia.
1999 Ngoma Awards TV Interview , with Caristo Chitamfya , ZNBC TV, Lusaka , Zambia.


Director – Gasworks $ Triangle Network
155 Vauxhall Street, London SE11 5 RH, United Kingdom.
Tel: +44 (0) 20 75 87 52 02 / info@trianglenetwork.org

Zambia Open University
School Fine Arts, Lusaka,Zambia.
Tel: +260 966 747 476 / wbmiko@hotmail.com

Chairperson, Insaka International Artists Trust.
Insakartists Office, Lusaka.
Tel: +260 966 767 214 / vncntphr@gmail.com

CEO – Events Solutions, Omelo Mumba Road, Lusaka. Zambia
+260 ( 0 ) 977 775 335 & +260 (0) 211 223344 / leeanne@events-in-zambia.com

Avencion Group
317 Independence Ave, Lusaka, Zambia
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+1 443 603 4359 USA Mobile / greg@avencion.com
Zenzele Chulu is a Pan Africanist multi art activist in many respects , began art as a baby, always scribbling on sand while crawling , grew up in an artistic family. At school he was the illustrator for school magazine and got a distinction in art at GCE O levels Exam. He went to enroll at Evelyn Hone College to receive his Art Teachers Diploma , 4 years on he was Head of Art Section at Kabulonga High School for Boys. In 1998 he quit to join VAC Documentation Project as Research Assistant , before he was appointed Documentation Coordinator. He served three times as Manager of Henry Tayali Visual Arts Centre. In 2001 he attended his first International Art Workshop at Thapong in Botswana, he was selected for the Osaka Triennale in Osaka, Japan and won the Ngoma Award- Best Two Dimension Category. In 2002 he became Coordinator of Insaka International Artists Trust and to date he has organised 7 successful Insaka International Art Workshops through which Zambian and international artists have launched their career break through. His own art cuts across all races and possibly has been exhibited from lower levels to the highest levels of international art in North America, South America, Africa, Asia and Europe. He has travelled to more than 13 African countries exploring artists networks and opportunities. Despite a busy art administrative schedule he uses every opportunity to execute his art expressions called Schematic Tantrums combined with ancient African allegories freely working in his own pantheon, a self taught student of Pan African Studies and African Civilisations laid on imaginary landscapes. He continues to research on ancient rock art forms thereby recreating the ancient ambiance in modern times through using painting and any medium that comes his way for his growth as one of the influential artist of his generation. He lives and works as a professional artist in Lusaka, Zambia



Read and see more via www.zenzelechulu.weebly.com

Kalekeni Kagiye ( Let Him Dance ) “Kalekeni Kagiye ( Let Him Dance )”

I come from the Eastern Province of Zambia and people from my area are known for their warrior fame having descended from the Nguni Speaking region of South Africa, they fled from King Shaka of the Zulu whose Mfekane caused migratory patterns that exist today in Southern Africa. Here in Zambia are known as the Ngoni, they celebrate the history and cultural values through a traditional ceremony known as Ncwala , celebration of the first fruits and crops from the faming season. Its a great moment of reflection and much is expresed through dance and song. Kalekeni Kagiye is one of the great song I recall when I attended one festival and its my dedication to that memory.

Fochela “Fochela”

First time in college was dramatic I went to the dance hall and found ballroom dancers I did not know how to hold a lady, I was scared but I went through this experience never forgot the soft touch and embrace, I could not manage to jump out of my skin I let it flow till I thought of doing a painting to celebrate the moment.

Gathering Storm “Gathering Storm”

For I have been an exponent of rock art tradition in Zambia, researching and searching for more inspirational sites over the the years, talking about them openly and share my artistic insight into what comes out of my imagination and fascination about ancient art forms, hence I came up with my own coinage as Schematic Tantrums. I have a duty to campaign for the plight of this very important tradition. Gathering Storm is a wave of new style of expressing a grandiose idea of ancient practice, over the years I have gathered influence to talk about this art without any apologies, enjoying every bit of the process, my statements are sometimes regarded political because someone responsible does not care.