Brian Kelvin

Digital Art brings together two of my interests; photography and digital techniques. After graduating in Engineering from Imperial College, London, I spent many years working in the IT industry learning about digital technology, whist maintaining a semi-professional interest photography.

My first photographic expressions were in black and white, but I soon moved into colour and made use of natural lighting to capture natures images, especially sunlight through leaves and other objects and reflections in water

My work in the IT industry gave me skills to utilise modern digital technology and combine this with my photographic interest. I was now able to utilise my large photographic collection to create new images and become a true digital artist.
My photographic collection, a record of places, environments and people encountered on my travels over the years, is my artist’s palette; my digital manipulation techniques my brushes.

My themes are varied being surrealistic and/or witty but, hopefully, always thought provoking. They often depict ordinary objects in unusual contexts, challenging observers preconditioned perceptions of reality. They are influenced by pop, minimalist and conceptual art with colour playing an important role. All images and backgrounds are lifted from my photographic collection and digitally engineered.


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