Sarah Scarborough Swanson

Sarah graduated with a BFA from Augusta State University, Georgia, in 2001. Her artistic focus is on figure drawing and portraiture but she delves into abstracts, collages, and paintings as well.
She has portraits and commissions in local government, corporate, and private collections and has won awards at several regional art shows. For an online presence, she keeps a Facebook page called The Suffering Artist And she can also be reached for commissions at


Portrait Drawings

Faces of coworkers done in pencil, pastel, and ink on board. Each measures 4' x 5.5'

Mixed Media

These are all done on board and the medium in each one is all over the map: oil, ink, pencil, pastel, paper, you name it.

New Series

Graphite on board

Clean and Serene “Clean and Serene”

Graphite on Board

Shredding Piri Reis “Shredding Piri Reis”

Graphite on Board

Microhaus Annointing “Microhaus Annointing”

Graphite on Board

"You Know How That is..." “"You Know How That is..."”

Graphite on Board

Queen Taut “Queen Taut”

48" x 48" Graphite on Board