Josue A. Roman

Josue is an emerging artist working in photography and design. After retirement from the U.S. Army, and graduating with a BFA in design, he has participated in local, national and international art shows. Josue has received various awards, and his work has been published in two magazines.



This is a series of images that express an idea.

Untitle “Untitle”

Inspired by my father's image, I took this image of a shade during a musical photography session. The different items in the wall become part of the shade.

Happiness? “Happiness? ”

I took this image in Charlotte, NC in the middle of the recent national financial crisis. The idea of happiness and money became a reality during this trouble times.

Justice? “Justice?”

This image of a Palestinian protest in Washington, DC and the Capital building in the background become a protest for fairness and justice around the world.

Untitle I “Untitle I”

This image become a protest for women rights in sub_developed countries; inspired by Malala Youzafsai.