Zack Parkar
I'm not crazy, I swear!

I am an artist and illustrator based out of Marlton NJ on the east coast of the United States. The paintings are textured, sometimes called 3D, primarily in acrylic paints and I use outside materials such as bugs, feathers, teeth, hair, bullets, newspaper clippings and blood when they seem appropriate.

I am a life long learner and have attended University of the Arts, Philadelphia Art Institute, B.C.C, and Rowan colleges. I grew up in NJ and lived briefly in Hollywood CA before the vampires scared me away.

Music and art are very special to me. So are my wife and 3 puppies!


Zack Parkar paintings and fine art

Vibrant, intense, & thought provoking paintings that incorporate everything from actual human/animal bones, teeth & hair, to feathers, blood, bullets, etc. into acrylic paintings on (usually) large canvases.

Donec Mors Nos Ex Parte (Till Death Do Us Part) “Donec Mors Nos Ex Parte (Till Death Do Us Part)”

"Donec Mors Nos Ex Parte" by Zack Parkar Acrylic on 4' x 4' canvas with real human teeth, blood, insects, worms, and more...
Until Death Do Us Part.

Adults Must Jump- by Zack Parkar “Adults Must Jump- by Zack Parkar”

"Adults Must Jump" by Zack Parkar 2017. Acrylic on canvas with my blood, live ammunition, razor blades, American dollar bills, & original drawings.

5221 Central Ave by Zack Parkar “5221 Central Ave by Zack Parkar”

2017 Acrylic painting on 2 x 4 foot canvas with real seashells, wood,sand, etc from Ocean City NJ.

Tread Upon Wings by Zack Parkar “Tread Upon Wings by Zack Parkar”

Painted by Zack Parkar on 3 x 4 foot canvas with acrylic paint was back in 2002.