Robin Ward


Echoes from a Future Past

In my series Echoes from a Future Past, I playfully examine the enigmatic nature of reality and the quirky essence of time and space. In this work, I blend together my original photographs of nature, architecture and artifacts portraying intermingling realities to allude to infinite possibilities. This has the effect of imprinting positive emotions into memory. I choose to create images that celebrate beauty, wonder and the awe of the human experience, emphasizing our unison with the natural world.

I began compositing photographs after completing several abstract nature photography series centered on musings about personal transformation. I am influenced by the Surrealist ideas of uniting distant realities to create a new one and the play of thought where an image is a pure expression of the mind. I am fascinated by the observer effect theory in quantum physics, which posits observation affects reality. These influences, existential curiosity and the desire to experiment fearlessly propel my digital creations.