Louise Ruelland

Louise Ruelland

Location: Canada

I integrate impressionism, abstract and realism.
It all made sense since 2012,when a painting past on screen at TimeSquare, NY...............

Young age, I design and drew according to the rules of art. Some years passed and in a dream, sitting in front of an easel, my curiosity manifest for painting …

Self Taught, it is in 1977 I evolve in art. At first, medium explorations, subjects, colors mixtures and pigments and determination bring her interest for spatula.

Through practice, patience and further experiments, give a result in a dynamic and intense creativity which allows to express light and imagination. It transforms a rather conventional scene into poetry with technical stroke of spatula.

Inspired by the beauty of the seasons, between nature and people characters.

I integrates impressionism, abstract and realism. The essence of balance and emotion in her paintings, illuminate the soul of the visitor.

In addition to artistic recognition, demo-conferences, many of his paintings are among collectors.

A comment from Italian International Art Curator ( Paola Trevisan):

Your fascinating art language where the interaction of spaces, forms and colours connection create such rich and emotional results; we believe that your vibrant and intense art research together with your creative imaginary, will add personal and unique inputs to exhibition.
website: http://lagrandegalerie.net/Louiseruelland


Best Art Pieces 2013-2014

At first the piece is attract to you just like you hear the movement or bright, the light makes a movement ,that's Impressionnism.
You feel the energy and the soul of the artist, that's Abstract
Your eyes put together lines and colour. That's Realism
It is what you see in my work, Art Pieces. That's Connection to Intuition

the Pathfinthers, “the Pathfinthers, ”

In the Volume 8th, World Wide Art book, International Contemporary Masters
In 2012 On screen of Time Square, NY

Chemin à suivre “Chemin à suivre”

International contemporary Masters Vol 8, of Word wide Art Book 2013/14, page 196-197