I come from a very artistic family. My father was a well known Sculptor and has been commissioned by very high profile clients to do bronzes of President Kennedy, Nixon,David Frost also work for Princess Anne and for the Commonwealth Games.I also have three sisters who are, like myself, both teachers and artists.My work is inspired by interiors and still life. My mother would create beautiful arrangements in our home, using plants, flowers, oil lamps, vases and rarely seen nowadays, ornamental gourds! Years of exposure to that environment has instilled a visual literacy/ language for me which makes my work easily recognisable. I studied Fine Art in Bristol and then went on to do a Post Graduate in Education.


Still Life and Seascapes

These paintings have all been done over the last year and a half.

Red Orange Still Life “Red Orange Still Life”

Rich and intense colour still life.

Blue Brightness “Blue Brightness”

Oil pastel still life.

Bright New Day “Bright New Day”

Seascape in Fauvist colour

Split Decision “Split Decision”

Seascape painting which is a follow on from Bright New Day. I wanted to include the elements from the first painting but in an abstracted form.

Hot Fish “Hot Fish”

Still life in which I have included a couple of fish. I often incorporate fish somewhere as I like their simplified shape.

White Flower “White Flower”

Still life painting with glass vase and flower.