Location: Hungary

Nora KOMOROCZKI – Artist name: MANO

Nora is a Hungarian artist-painter with the artist name Mano. She was born in Hungary and is still living in the Hungarian capital, Budapest. The country is full of museums, art galleries and beautiful places to visit and paint ... She’s been painting with oil on canvas for more than three decades, inspired first by the beautiful landscapes in Hungary and other countries where she has been living with her family for a few years (Sweden, Israel, Belgium). Her qualification is journalist. First as the Editor in Chief of the Hungarian Airlines she could travel a lot, and later as the Regional Director of the Scandinavian Countries and the Baltic States at the Hungarian Tourism Agency she could see and meet interesting people, capture the beauty of different countries. She tried to show this beauty and special moments on her canvas. Her art works were invited to different art exhibitions - solo and in group - organized in Hungary, Sweden, Austria, Israel, Belgium, the USA and Italy. She is an artist awarded by several international art prizes (Leonardo da Vinci, Premio Leonardo da Vinci, 2 times Caravaggio, Palma d’Oro, Art Olympic Prize, Donatello, Poseidone, Menelao, Artist of the Future, Face of Peace Art Prize, Artist of Creativy, Top 60 Masters, Trophy International Prize Paris, The best Modern and Contemporary Artists London, etc.)
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MANO's Portfolio

As I referred to earlier I'm very much interested in painting mainly landscapes, to less extend portraits and still-life. Examples of these interest can be seen as below:

Silence “Silence”

A girl sitting in the pond

Autumn “Autumn”

Beautiful colours in the Hungarian forest