Yasmin Bussiere

Yasmin’s artwork comes to her in reflecting on life experiences, fusing grandiose landscapes with spiritual reflections. Central Asia, the Middle East, Asia, and Europe provide the source of her inspirations. Illuminations are omnipresent in her pieces as they express the essence of nature and the importance of precious metals. She works with different mediums, pressing hard down on the canvas, gouging out traces of personal journeys. Art for her is organic and transportive; she connects physically to places through materials.


Eastern Light

Mixed media artist Yasmin Bussiere works with metallic paints, pens, acrylics and oil pastels to fuse grandiose landscapes with spiritual reflections. Bussiere's solo exhibit July 8-August 8, 2021 at The Art League Gallery, Torpedo Factory, Alexandria, VA celebrated the beauty of the Central Asian Landscape and was inspired by her memories living and traveling across the continent. Bussiere's work is richly textures, instinctive and transportive.

Forces of Nature “Forces of Nature”

Man and beast struggle to reach their destination while fighting the strong howling winds of the Steppes.
36" x 36". For Sale.

Resilience “Resilience”

A solitary tree is fighting for survival against howling winds and barren lands.
36" x 36" For Sale:

Eastern Light I. II, III “Eastern Light I. II, III”

The gilded lights fill the skies from sunrise to sunset along the Silk Roads of Uzbekistan.
30" x 15" panels.
For Sale.

The Unforgotten

"The Unforgotten"....
The artist recalls the saga and trials of her family as they moved through cultural and political upheavals in Eastern and Central Europe from the early 1900's to the present.
Large canvases provide the backdrop for different mediums. As the artist's fingers and hands press down hard on the spaces leaving impressions of the journeys, she hopes that the viewers will follow its footsteps.

Emerging “Emerging”

Souls emerge from the heart of the earth, reminding us of past events
Mixed media on canvas. 36" x 48". Honorable Mention Award by Art Show International Gallery. Abstract 2022 Juried International Online Competition. Available for purchase at Kyo Art Gallery.

Voices “Voices”

Echoing sounds from the past fill the air.
Part of my series "The Unforgotten"...
Finalist. Gallerium Art prize. GAP 2022
Contact me at

Traces “Traces”

The skies are ever-changing while we cling to the past.
Merit Award for the 5th Abstract Juried International Online Exhibition by The Art Room Gallery. Mixed Media on Canvas. For purchase. https://www.instagram.com/yasmincreations/