Mari Hall

Mari Hall, Artist :

The art of Mari Hall is African American Folk Art 2020, developing her own style of painting over a span of 40 years. Her style is colorful, fauvist, playful, dynamic.

Mari Hall is a self-taught artist who studied many different artists and their styles of painting. She is a part of a larger group of black visual artists who challenge the standards for modern art. Her art is folk art in nature, although she studied many other traditional artists' works.

Mari Hall lives in the Antelope Valley which is nestled in the heart of the Mojave Desert in Southern California. She is at the far edge of the Los Angeles Metropolitan area, surrounded by the natural beauty of the Mojave Desert. Perhaps her art could be considered "outsider art", as she tackles other topics that are of interest to her, such as modern technology and our collective aspirations for space travel.
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Oil Paintings by Mari Hall, Artist

Original oil paintings by artist, Mari Hall. Mari is a self-taught artist, inspired by Impressionist painters and other self-taught painters. Mari's recent works are small sized paintings with a colorful, California palette.

"Aro Syren Vision" “"Aro Syren Vision"”

Finalist, COVID 19 DREAMS, International Art Contest, Awarded by Artavita, December 2020

Eyelash Concerto in Violin Purple “Eyelash Concerto in Violin Purple”

2020 will be known for many things, but perhaps, the COVID 19 pandemic will be the most notable event. The fear, the uncertainty, the sorrow, touched everyone's heart. Several of my paintings that were done during this time, have the pandemic as the theme of the painting.

"Eyelash Concerto in Violin Purple" was painted during the late summer of the COVID 19 pandemic. By the time I was beginning this painting, the fires in California had consumed hundreds of thousands of acres. The fires raged up and down the state. It was unbelievable, yet another fear and worry, along with the COVID 19 pandemic problems. The fire came to the southern part of the valley where I live. I kept my eyes on the fire maps, just in case I might need to prepare to evacuate. I watched the news, tracking where the winds were blowing, in which direction. The fire did not come into the valley but stayed in the foothills and mountain areas. The air smelled like camp fires and burn. The air was leaden grey with smoke and ash. There were a few days where there was literally no blue sky, just brown grey sticky ugly muck. My eyes were stinging constantly. I put on my favorite Mozart CD, and just painted. I could not take my eyes away from the grey brown ugly mess, so that ended up in my painting, with a deep red orange tangled sun off in the distance. Mozart kept me happy and structured in my head about the disasters engulfing the State of California. I am still waiting for our first rain to arrive. It has been several months since our last rain. I will celebrate the first rain with a hot cup of tea and more Mozart!