Tony Gangitano

Tony Gangitano
Brooklyn / San Diego

Originally from Brooklyn, Tony received a Bachelor’s of Landscape Architecture with a minor in Fine Art from the UGA, worked in New York City / San Diego. After Independent study in many countries, Tony worked as a sculptor in Rome then studied Stone Carving at Studio Sem and Bronze Casting at Tommasi Foundry, both in Pietra Santa, Italy.

Back in California, he pursued a MA at SDSU. There he explored less traditional materials, which he incorporated into more conceptual sculptures and site-specific installations.

Tony’s work has been exhibited in group and featured artist shows in Europe and the United States. He is a creative, conceptually oriented mixed media sculptor whose current work is fresh and exciting, incorporating thoughtful concepts with both traditional and new materials.


Mixed Media Work

Tony Gangitano – Artist Statement

Fine Art is my first language.

I was fortunate to be raised by a father and grandfathers who were artists and creative craftsmen, and a mother who excused my inherent eccentric behavior by saying, in a Brooklyn accent, “Its ok…. he’s an Aaarrrhhtist!”

My work is about the integration of aesthetic form and emotional and intellectual content. The evolution of my art has progressed on confluent paths. Traditional figurative merged with abstract style in Stone, Bronze, Resin, and Foam, and often incorporating conceptual mixed media elements.

I employ archetypal images that communicate the essential commonalities of our human condition and experience. These images, combined with the juxtaposition and dialog created between figures, shapes, and materials, provoke visual, visceral, and intellectual interaction with the viewer.

Covid Dream “Covid Dream”

This work was Initially a 3-D Mixed Media sculpture, and was transformed into a surreal photo-Collage, representing dreams experienced while being in isolation during the covid pandemic.

Pondering in Isolation “Pondering in Isolation”

This work building of Represents the intense spiraling of ones thoughts when having to isolate during the covid pandemic. i
24" x 16" Mixed Media - Collage / Acrylic Painting on canvas with copper tube accent.