Linda Frances

Artist owner of Four Winds Gallery 118 F Street Salida, Colorado 81201. Creator of the 51 "State Tree" series of large paintings and prints. Also creats mixed media and oil paintings with abstract landscape themes. The gallery also carries Colorado pottery, decorated gourd art, handmade jewelry, Colorado photography and more.


Four Winds Gallery by Linda Frances

Creating works of art using mixed media including papers, fabric, natural objects, stones, gems, string, on canvas or mat board with acrylics, pastels, oil pastels, pastel pencils, and what ever is available and suitable. Also working in oil on canvas and mixed media with oil paint. Ms Frances' themes are abstract landscapes and nature, suggesting you look with your inner eye and see new expressions of beauty.

Early Morning Light,12 x12 “Early Morning Light,12 x12”

This mixed media image is matted and framed to 12 by 12 inches. Fun and juicy textures with papers, string, oil pastel in this one. Price is $260.00

Breakers off the Coast,12x12 “Breakers off the Coast,12x12”

Oil on canvas, 12 by 12 by 1.5 inches with paint texture, color depicting the mood and movement of ocean waves at the coast. Price is $830.00.

Abstract in Pink, 14 x 14 “Abstract in Pink, 14 x 14”

Another mixed media including small gemstones in pink colors, papers, a feather, and pastel pencil. Price is $300 framed in black metal.

Light From the East,14x14 “Light From the East,14x14”

Mixed media papers, oil pastel. the shapes create an illusion of perspective. The title is a play on two meanings East being sunrise and the Chinese paper behind it meaning from the East of the world.

Primal Land, paper, 12by12 “Primal Land, paper, 12by12”

This mixed media painting is created with several papers, torn and glued overlapping, with pastel pencil in the "sky" area. Matted and framed in black to accent the starkness of the image.

Womb of the Earth, oil mixed “Womb of the Earth, oil mixed”

Coconut wood shred forms the shape on this one with oil giving the rich color to this 10 x10 x 1.5 inch canvas creation. The coconut extends beyond the edge of the canvas on the left side. The price is $400.

Celebrate Spring, 14x14 “Celebrate Spring, 14x14”

Mixed media: papers, sea fan, gemstones in fun colors and shapes. Matted in 2-tone green mat and framed in black metal. Price is $300.

Primary Play, oil 24x20 “Primary Play, oil 24x20”

Thoil oil on canvas with texture paint shaping the circles is a fun play with color, movement, and shapes. 24 by 20 inches framed in canvas deep round front black metal frame.

Textures of Ireland, oil 30x24 “Textures of Ireland, oil 30x24”

Abstract shapes from the landscape, inspired by the greens and rugged shapes of Ireland. Oil on canvas, framed in canvas deep round front black metal frame. Price is $2900.

Intimate Details, oil, 30x24 “Intimate Details, oil, 30x24”

Layers of thin painting then richer body oil paint create this image of Nature up close, as if studying a rock cliff face in detail. Price is $3800.