Alan Goldberg

I have had a camera in my hand since I was 4 and see the world in a very different perspective from most people. Although not classically trained I rely heavily on classic literature, art and music to capture an image and feeling.


MInds Eye Photos by Alan Goldberg

I have had a camera in my hand since I was four. Not being classically or formally trained I have relied on my knowledge of art, music and literature to help me captured the world in a way unlike others. I have broken many rules of composition but produced images that are moving emotionally and thought provoking. At this time I am printing all of my work on high gloss aluminum. I am including a sample of my work for your inspection.

Stunt Plane “Stunt Plane”

Taken at the Fort Lauderdale Air Show in 2022. This is one of a set of photos from that day with an acrylic look

Cloudy Morning at the Rest Stop “Cloudy Morning at the Rest Stop”

Taken at dawn I tried to capture the mood of the day

Mushroom - Go Ask Alice “Mushroom - Go Ask Alice”

Inspired by Jefferson Airplane's "White Rabbit" I am not afraid of getting very small to feed my head. I used a combination of infrared photography and color pallet manipulation and an acrylic look to complete this photo.