Gregory Jackson

Hello my name is Greg Jackson. Traditional watercolor (gouache) artist. I market and sell my unique style of creative scenery for Home & Business Decor.
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Sky Series

This is a new series of 12 images. All 12x18 in size. Each depicting a different approach and feel of expression towards the many beautiful colors within our earthly Sky.

Sky Series “Sky Series ”

Some images have the concept sketch above the Original painting.

Sky Series “Sky Series ”

O I love the Blue in this one.

Sky Series “Sky Series ”

I do a lot of sketch to finish depictions on my Instagram page: Jacksonwatertree. Please follow there for more. People really do like seeing the concept before and with the final.

Sky Series “Sky Series ”

All Step by Step creations of my Original paintings, are under the section Step by Step on my Deviant Art Page.
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Mat Illustration Series

This Series was created on scrap pieces of mat board. Each image is no bigger than the size of a DVD case.
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Mat Illustration Series “Mat Illustration Series ”

The Series is a combination of light watercolor and prima color pencil.

Mat Illustration Series “Mat Illustration Series ”

The series uses watercolor and prisma color pencil.