Martha Rose Greiner

Raised on a farm Pennsylvania, Martha began doing art work at a young age. As a teenager she obtained a scholarship to the Erie Art Museum, Erie, Pa. and trained as an oil painter. She studied fine art at Mercyhurst College in Erie, Pa.

She has exhibited and sold her work internationally. Her body of art work is multi media with a wide range of subject matter. Including the lost drawing method the Old Masters used by drawing with metals.

Art critics have described her work as “There is an understated incandescence to the images that is both contemporary and classic all at once. Your works related so strongly to the very concept of perception; your style places you in an artistic realm that is somehow dream-like, almost Surreal, yet not quite there, as if some ghostly memory from a far-away place; yet somehow entirely familiar. Is a vision that resonates with the viewer long after viewing”.



Contemporary art paintings.


Oil painting on canvas 36"X 24:.

Out of the Darkness “Out of the Darkness”

Oil painting 24" X 18"


Oip painting 24" X 36".


Acrylic paint on canvas 11" X 17"


Graphite, colored pencil and silver point metal drawings.

O C Whites “O C Whites”

Colored pencil on cotton paper 20" X 30"

Martha's Family Rose “Martha's Family Rose”

Colored pencil on cotton paper 30" X 24"

Magnolia Creatures “Magnolia Creatures”

Colored pencil on cotton paper 30" X 20"

Camoflauge Butterflies “Camoflauge Butterflies”

Colored Pencil on cotton paper 30" X 20"

Tree of Life “Tree of Life”

Colored pencil on cotton paper 30" X 20".

Zebra Stare “Zebra Stare”

Graphite on cotton paper

Graphite Rose “Graphite Rose”

Graphite on cotton paper 30" X 20"