Linda Macaulay

Linda MacAulay

Location: Australia

Australian Artist, Linda MacAulays’ art career spans many decades and includes exhibiting, teaching, residencies and sales.

Her work is bursting with colour, humour and layered with textures. It features the Australian landscape and its quirky characters.

Having worked as Artist in Residence at Uluru for many years, her large scale acrylic canvasses reflect her connection to the Australian landscape and a humorous approach to life.

She is a social artist who has a rare ability to engage with others whilst also creating artworks. As a tutor Linda is fun, creative and outcome focused with experience teaching across a range of artistic abilities in both watercolour, acrylic and mixed media.

Most recently Linda appeared as a feature artist on the Television show “Colour in Your Life”. She also shares her painting techniques on her Youtube channel. Linda currently resides in Melbourne and continues to exhibit and teach throughout Australia.

Artist Statement

“I am fascinated by the way the light transitions across the Australian landscape transforming it as it goes. My large scale acrylic canvasses strive to capture this effect using textured layering, metallic paint, minerals and multiple glazes to produce work that like the landscape also transitions as the light in the room changes.”

“My animal series is a joyous and humorous reflection on those WTF moments in life. Littered with popular culture references, my works deliver social commentary with a smile.”

Complete CV available on request.


Quirky Creatures by Linda MacAulay

Linda MacAulay anthropomorthises animals to express those WTF moments in life. Her works reference popular culture and are all about social commentary with a smile.

Another Hard Day at the Office “Another Hard Day at the Office”

Outback Australia is littered with the debris from the mining industry. Now it is left to the native inhabitants to make of it what they will.

Beware Cattle Texting “Beware Cattle Texting”

You have to love an outback sign.

Randy “Randy”

Seriously I have meet this guy and he is famed for his smile. He was just begging me to paint his portrait.

Don't Get Clucky With Me “Don't Get Clucky With Me”

I love much personality.