Erwin Rummel

Erwin Rummel

Location: Canada

Over the last 20 years I have worked steadily on acquiring the skill and techniques needed for realistic and abstract painting in oil and acrylic, as well as sculpting in stone.

I spend about half the year of my time in California and the other half here in Ontario, in both places I have attended numerous art classes at various institutions, such as the OTIS College of Art and Design, the Santa Monica College and the Brentwood Art Center in Los Angeles, here in Toronto the George Brown College and the Avenue Road Art School.

I consider myself an emerging artist with interests primarily in figurative or representational painting, with emphasis on classical composition rules, to evoke both realism and impressionism in my canvases.

I am exploring various techniques, working primarily in oil and acrylic, not yet having decided what primary theme to pursue, shifting between portrait, figure, landscape and abstract painting, in search of my own style and audience.

I feel that art is a constant learning experience, a reflection of the world that we live in, but it is more than a reflection: it is what we can see if we take the time to look.

Some of my work can be viewed at my website:


Naked Elm Studio & Gallery

Paintings in oil and acrylics, as well as sculptures in stone and mixed media.

Dancing Orchids “Dancing Orchids”

Oil on Masonite, 24x32"

Sculpture Series IV “Sculpture Series IV”

Acrylic on Masonite, 24x32"

Female Torso “Female Torso”

Serpentine Stone, approximately 18" high

Riverside Alleyway “Riverside Alleyway”

Oil on Masonite, 24x 32"