Yaryna Yuryk

Yaryna Yuryk

Location: Ukraine

Yaryna Yuryk,
Ph.D. Architecture, Candidate of Architecture
I am a professional Ukrainian artist. I am professor of Painting. I do prac-tice drawing (watercolours, pastel, oil technique). I live in Lviv. I am a member of the Union of Artists of Ukraine.
I studied in the following institutions: National Polytechnic University of Lviv in speciality “Buildings and constructions architecture”, qualification – Master of Architecture, with a concentration in Interior; I. Trush Lviv State College of Decorative and Fine Arts in speciality “Fine arts”, qualification – Artist-designer.
In 2008 held my personal exhibition of drawings “Kazka moho dy-tynstva” (The fairytale of my childhood) took place in A. Sheptytskiy National Museum of Lviv.
Solo exhibitions were held in the following cities: Lviv, Kosice, Gdansk, USA.
I have participated in international group exhibitions in Ukraine, Kazakh-stan, Portugal, Italie, USA. My works are in private collections in Ukraine, Canada, Poland.

Artiste Stateman

I'm trying to help the audience through my art to expand the awareness that human life is a great and a very short, that is necessary for people to create beauty every minute and every moment of life to live as if it were the last. Fall asleep with an understanding of spiritual duty performed, namely the fact that more and better good that day was not able to do and to leave behind. Remembering that we all: rich or poor, famous or unknown in this world are only a moment. We are all perfect works, which are able to give to the world something perfect, leave a significant contribution rather than destroying nature: ?utting down forests, destroying the Earth's ozone layer, killing animals, polluting the air, and so on, but in an invalid - the destruction of their own kind, each other through the freedom of conscience, political beliefs, etc.
Only living in peace, mutual respect for others, respect for their reasoning and outlook, in harmony and unity with nature, allow humanity to avoid the apocalypse and achieve catharsis and long life for everyone ...
Understanding the philosophical themes "Life" and "Soul of the Universe", "Death", "Good and Evil", "Peace", "equality and mutual understanding" "Harmony", "Katharsis" is best done through images of nature, I am able to be carried out using contextual and environmental approaches.


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