Bonnie Rubinstein

Bonnie is an architectural fused glass artist, whose focus is large scale pieces: wall murals, lighting, aerial sculptures. Mesmerized by the clarity and color when light plays with glass (magic!), Bonnie was compelled to dive in and build her fused glass studio in a former dairy barn in Wisconsin. Her work often has ‘scapes’ inspired by nature as well as water. Visual textures and hand-created elements are formed with her self-taught methods, which evolve in the kiln at 1400 to 1700 degrees, and in the metal by hand-burnishing textures on the surfaces. Bonnie’s reflective and transparent glass/ metal designs for hospitals, universities, restaurants, and residences are award-winning. She has taught workshops and lectured at universities on the importance and significance of art in public spaces.

Bonnie has a long-term commitment to dynamic, creative, and balanced design. She obtained an advanced degree in urban design/planning, and worked on design for public and private urban spaces in NY, OH, CO and MN. She later designed an exclusive line of high-end fashion jewelry sold at better stores/art galleries nationwide. In 1990, she founded EcoSource, an environmental advocate for corporate sustainability for 25 years.


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