Deborah Bowen

Deborah Bowen


I come from a long line of artistic people.
In my background there are artist's, musicians, art teachers and writers.
I enjoy playing guitar, piano and writing music.
My greatest love is painting.
It allows me to express my inner most feelings and experiences in life.
In my paintings you will discover life of all kinds.
You can spend hours discovering things.
I hope you enjoy my expressions of art!
If there is anything I can paint for you please let
me know!


Deb's Creations

Here you will find my expressions of how I perceive things around me.
You will also find great emotions in my paintings of people, which comes from my experiences in life.
You will experience nature as I see it from a very
abstract perspective.
I love what I do from the deepest part of me.
May my paintings touch the inner most part of you!

Troubled By Deception “Troubled By Deception”

This painting illustrates how deception affects people, leaving them troubled and confused.

War Paint “War Paint”

This is a painting of a young warrior getting ready for battle.