Carla White

I started my creative journey in 2000 with a variety of artistic and creative expressions, such as, jewelry design, hand painted greeting cards, hand painted furniture, and a line of aromatherapy products which included my own unique label and packaging designs.

I was born and raised in Syracuse, New York, and currently living in Los Angeles,
I am transitioning from functional art to fine art with a current exploration in Resin Art and Art Pours. Taking from the design elements in my greeting cards, I am discovering how those translate onto larger pieces, as well as, exploring new and innovative ways to express my creativity with resin, wood, paints, inks and custom blended art mediums. My current pieces are a personal experimentation in color, line, space and movement in combination with the dynamic and unpredictable nature of the materials and processes involved in pour paintings. The paintings are left transfixed and the results are mesmerizing. Even dry, the images appear to be fluid and in motion.

My designs have also been published as a freelance artist by the greeting card company Design, Design, Inc. Currently my art is available in a variety of places. In addition to offering prints and originals on my website, my art can also be found in the following places:

Some of my paintings are for rent in the Film and TV industry at, Residential and Commercial Art Rentals at

Online art gallery at

Wholesale to the trade; Interior designers, the hospitality industry and corporate sales at



Explorations is a group of paintings that were very experimental for me. I have been focused on a variety of pour paintings and I started to branch out and create what I refer to as 'hybrids'. They are part pour paintings that are also manually manipulated with a variety of unlikely tools, such as, a hair dryer, cake frosting spatula, palette knife and even saran wrap!