Birgitte Evelyn

Birgitte Evelyn

Location: Unknown

Birgitte Evelyn is one the few female painters who is entirely devoted to erotic art. Her paintings ooze sensuality without being pornographic, and her works are often bought by couples who want to give each other a tangible token of their love. Therefore these paintings are not tucked away in the bedroom but enjoy pride of place in the living room.

Evelyn manages oil on canvas and charcoal made on paper. She prefers to work with immensely soft sticks of charcoal, and uses her fingers diligently in order to endow the black color with depth and verve. These works are often completed with a brush of red crayon.

Evelyn is constantly seeking new ways of expressing herself artistically. Recently this resulted in a series of bronze figurines, naturally with focus on the beauty of the female body. Lately she started to express herself in the very fine material gold.


After Love

130 x 100 cm
Oil on Canvas

After Love “After Love”

130 x 100 cm
Oil on canvas

The Perfect Gift “The Perfect Gift”

Bronze sculpture

Corsage “Corsage”

Handmade Sculpture in gold for necklace

My Scret “My Scret”

Oil on canvas
140 x 70 cm