David Arkenstone Barnett

David Arkenstone Barnett is a photographer/painter/singer and metaphysical entrepreneur who resides in the town of Kaiapoi New Zealand. Originally from London England and having been a photographer for many years David moved into the world of art about 5 years ago. His art is based on his metaphysical beliefs and experiences gained from his travels and research around the world and is based on a style of linear abstract, gold/silver/copper leaf abstract and planetary constellation pieces.

Predominantly known in NZ for his work in Ufology (the research of UFO's), David's direction in life has been one of personal development and self-discovery and this shows in the contrasting range of his art work which can at times be very linear abstract, energetic and full of powerful emotion, and at other times minimalistic, gentle and full of reflection.

For many years now, David has been researching on the fabled city of Atlantis and has come up with a profoundly new hypothesis on this legendary civilization which incredibly includes New Zealand. David lectures and holds many discussions about Atlantis, and this is therefore reflected within his unique range of paintings simply known as the 'Atlantis Rising & Constellation' series.


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