Troy Carney

Troy Carney was born in New Zealand and has resided on the island of Kauai, Hawaii for the past 30 years. As a self-taught artist, Troy incorporates the mediums of oil, genuine gold leaf, acrylic, watercolors and Japanese woodcut. His style is romantic realism, featuring exotic elements
and sacred symbology.

In his art, Troy evokes the delicate, organized design of spirals and curves that are found in the balance of nature. By capturing the expansive flow of waves and clouds, his art reflects the awe and importance of water on our planet. Troy elicits the value of our oceans by gilding their form in the precious element of gold.

The art featured here is a unique process which Troy has developed over the past 10 years. This style utilizes one to 36 hand cut layers to form a textured multi-dimensional creation on wood, resulting in an original oil painting on 12k-24k genuine white and yellow gold. Each layer of a painting reflects the light giving more depth to the ever changing highlights. This effect generates an ephemeral quality to a painting, as the light and mood of the day subtly changes.


Sacred Elements

Water is a sacred element that is life to us and all creatures on our planet. We are embraced in water for our first nine months. The water element is used to bless us in many rituals. We know that without water for only 3 days life for us would not exist, yet we take this precious liquid for granted and pollute it with chemicals and trash.
The element of water and nature's spirals flows throughout Troy's entire works of art. From the fluid movement of the ocean and mountains to the sun and clouds folding into playful Mandalas in the sky we see this sacred symbology of nature in Troy's art.
Like gilding a scared image in Gold, such as a Buddha, Troy Carney covers his paintings of the oceans in Gold to bring appreciation and reverence to water. The magical element of water is similar to Gold in that they both have conducting properties and are precious elements that reflect light. Troy uses the reflecting light in his paintings as his highlights and creates this by layering hand cut surfaces carved with Japanese knives. When the Gold is laid across these carefully composed surfaces light dances and sparkles bringing the painting to life and changing with the mood of the day.
Troy is inspired by the notion of the Heavenly Flames that embellish the entrances to temples in South East Asia and are meant to cleanse a person as they enter. He has an appreciation for Polynesian art and combines them with the flames influenced by Tibetan Thangka to give his paintings a feeling of a sacred offering to the water element. This infusion of Polynesian spirals and Asian designs shows in the crest and curl of Troy's waves, creating art pieces with a unique style and Pacific island flare.
Troy considers waves as the splendor of the ocean's power and water at it's most magnificent, capturing this in his unique style of bas-relief art. Infusing the spirals found all through nature, Troy's art creates a space for us to come and worship the water, the sea and all that is made with this Sacred Element.

Poi Nã Nalu "Where The Wave Break" Vans Triple Crown Of Surfing Featured Art “Poi Nã Nalu "Where The Wave Break" Vans Triple Crown Of Surfing Featured Art”

24x30 inches oil, 12k white gold and 23k yellow gold on a 30 layer hand cut bas-relief on wood. Featured art for the Vans Triple Crown 2011.

Kaihalulu "Roaring Sea" “Kaihalulu "Roaring Sea"”

Kaihalulu, "roaring sea". 36"x24"in. oil, 12k and 23k gold on hand cut bas-relief on wood.

Papaloa Jewel “Papaloa Jewel”

Papaloa Jewel, 18"x24"in. oil, 12k ,18k, and 23k gold on hand cut layered bas-relief on wood.

Mananalu “Mananalu”

Mananalu 36"x24"in. oil, 12k and 23k gold on hand cut 36 layer bas-relief on wood.