Mario Cespedes

I was born in La Paz, Bolivia. My hometown is surrounded by eternal snow peck mountains and a line of traditions and millennial indian cultures that follows the Andes chain corridor.
As a young man, I wanted to see the other side of the South America's portfolio and I found Brazil. My dormant art appetite suddenly started to blosson. My Indian roths were part of my bag pack, but who would resist the radiant colors of the Brazilian Rain Forest, the sound of the paroquets, the beauty of the Atlantic Ocean, the mighty Amazon river, the seeds never stop to grow up ,inside me. My hands were stuck with brushes, colors everywhere and started to full fill my dream.

During my art career in Brazil I collected many art awards, and exhibited my paintings locally and internationally.
By the year of 1980, my artwork was chosen to represent Brazil in two international art events, The XII and XIII International Biennial of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Then it was time to discover more America's, then with my wife Eneida, my 2 years old son Rafael, headed to California, what a beautiful land, my doughter Aimara was born 2 years later.
Inspiration, opportunity, competition in my new home, make me artistically grow up quickly.
My paintings are very colorful, with heavy textures, with a blend of mixed media and a touch of contemporary style.
Theme is about the Amazon Rain Forest in Brazil, that includes visual statements about deforestation, pollution, or in some cases fairy tales from the fisherman villages along the river.
My artwork was profiled by art magazines, newspapers, TV.
art catalogs and books. Also it was a recipient of international and national awards. My public art works includes the murals at the Graham Public Library, 1900 E .Firestone Blvd, Los Angeles,CA., commissioned by the City of Los Angeles, a mural at Chandler Blvd. and Vineland Ave. N. Hollywood, CA., commissioned by The Valley S. Regional Arts Council, L. Angeles.CA.


Contemporary art from Latin America

artwork is related to the Amazon Rain Forest in Brazil.

" The Chico Mendez hometown" “" The Chico Mendez hometown"”

Chico Mendez, champion of the Rain Forest in the Amazon, who challenged deforestation and pollution, his fight was paid with his life.
Media; Acrylic on canvas.
Size: 26 x 32

" Jardim do Amazonas" “" Jardim do Amazonas"”

A morning view of the artist"s backyard in the Rain Forest.
Media: Acrylic on Canvas.
Size: 30 x 40

" Young man from the upper river" “" Young man from the upper river"”

Young kid during the festival of birds from the Yanomami Indians celebration
Media: Acrylic on paper.
Size: 26 x 28

" Amazon symphony" “" Amazon symphony"”

Birds in the summer time.
Media: Acrylic on paper.
Size: 20 x 26


This segment of my artwork is related to abstract themes, in which colors and textures are highlighted by using a variety of tools and medias, resembling the Amazon Rain Forest visual.

Untitled “Untitled”

Media: Acrylic colors, silkscreen pigments, paper and colored pencils.
Size: 30 x 40

Untitled “Untitled”

Media: Acrylic gels and silkscreen pigments over canvas.
Size: 30 x 40

Untitled “Untitled”

Acrylic colors, silkscreen pigments, over canvas.
Size: 30 x 40