Alexei Serrano

alexei serrano

Location: Argentina

Alexei Serrano was born in Havana, Cuba on November 11th, 1961 amidst in an artist family.
He studied mural and easel painting restoration in Museo de la Ciudad in Old Havana. He worked as a mural painting restorer and as pottery teacher in Integración Poligráfica in Havana. Furthermore, he completed three years of priesthood studies in Seminario Diocesano San Carlos y San Ambrosio in his hometown.
As a self-taught painter, when comes to creating Alexei uses all kind of techniques: acrylic, pencils, collage, graphic design, iron works, carpentry, embroidery and even recycled objects to paint, sculpt or make either urban or objects interventions.
The expression of his paintings, with casual brushstrokes, almost overwhelmed colors and naïve lines, calls upon constantly to religion, particularly to Catholic Church, by questioning dogmas on both linear and binary sexuality. His pieces of work also laugh at systematized consumer’s society through a unique perspective.
Born Cuban but Argentine by option, Alexei is currently based in Buenos Aires. He paints and teaches art and he often participates in individual and collective exhibitions.


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