Debora Missoorten

Debora Missoorten

Location: Belgium

I love to bring small and big issues and questions of our everyday life into my paintings and I love to do this in a rather 'playful' way . My paintings are also inspired by personal memories and thoughts about life in general. The use of a specific color scheme adds a feeling of idealization and sentiment to my art. Some of my paintings are permeated with an idealized vision of the world others are filled with second thoughts and questions. For me , painting is a way of blogging, an attempt to depict a transient moment in liberty of interpretation. I want to make use of this liberty as much as possible to avoid my work becoming predictable. The 'people' in my paintings are my 'characters', my persona that's why I knowingly not always give them realistic skintones or photographic representation of the faces even so I had a classical portrait from life education and love to draw and paint realistic portraits. I put a lot of time in the detailed underdrawing which I do on the old fashion way inspired by the Old Masters even it is time consuming it is the way I prefer to work . follow me on instagram @debora_missoorten


130 Microsievert “130 Microsievert”

80 x 100 cm
I tried to paint on a subtle way the effects
of Tsjernobyl 25 years later.. we may not
forget uptill now how many people/childeren
still suffering of this nuclear disaster and
now Fukushima !! What are we doïng ??

Do You Think She is a V.I.P. ? “Do You Think She is a V.I.P. ?”

Why do people behave quite differently if they suddenly think that someone is "important"?
80 x 120 cm

Do we have to be serious all the time? “Do we have to be serious all the time?”

Enjoy the pleasures of life every day!
oil painting on canvas
40cm x 50 cm

XL Cat “XL Cat”

Often we don't realize how huge a pet can be through the eyes of a child , for some it can be frightening but for others it just looks atrctive and cosy . Animals are a very good compagnion for us human beings.
Acryl on canvas 120x80 cm (47x32 inch)
#cat #pet #child #soft colors

Haute Protection “Haute Protection”

Summer at the beach , enjoying the sunshine which provides us with a happy feeling but we need to keep in mind we need to protect our skin . The summerfeeling and the light can provide us with happiness.
#summer #beach #vintage #soft colors #people
Acryl on canvas 140x100 cm (55x40 inch)

Looking for happiness. “Looking for happiness.”

Oil on linen canvas. 60x80x4 cm (24x32x4 inch)
It's a pity people sometimes are "blind" for all the good things they have in life .
#realisme #people #happiness #soft green colors

Just the two of us. “Just the two of us.”

Oil on canvas . 60x80 cm (24x32")
I hope this will remind people to realize the importancde of spending time with each other and be grateful for the beautiful moments in life , certainly now there is so much going on in the world .
#romance #relism #people #mountains #lake #duckling #dating #love #gratitude #Valentine #nature

The Bookworm . “The Bookworm .”

Oil on linen canvas. 60x80 cm (24x32")
When you're reading a book you can feel transported to a completely different place, a kind of parallel world. The owls are the symbols of wisdom, 3 readers, 2x3 owls, the number 3 refers to the devine trinity, as the saying goes "all good things consist of 3 " I used this color scheme to enhance the feeling of imaginary realism.
#books #reading #imaginary #owls #wisdom #dreaming #woman #dream #dreamworld

Looking at the bright side of life. “Looking at the bright side of life.”

Oil on linen canvas. 60x80 cm (24x32")
Once we are in holiday all our "problems" seems to fade away as if we see everything through "pink glasses" .
#holiday #people #mountains #nature #summer #wood #trees #family #happy #summertime #vacation #colorful #landscape

The crossing. “The crossing.”

Oil on linen canvas. 60x80 cm (24x32")
A boattrip in a small boat reminds us normally of a beautiful summer, pleasure and fun but alas it seems for a lor of people the only way to escape to a better and safer place in the world thinking of all the refugees.
#water #boat #holiday #people #realism #vacation #see #nature #childeren #summer #blue sky

Brave New World “Brave New World ”

Oil on linnen canvas . 140x140 cm (55x55")
Inspired by the painting 'Self-portrait with masks' by Ensor I wondered why and for what reason people sometimes hide or disguises themselves behind 'masks'.In 2012 I already made a few sketches but for some reason I put the idea on hold just until now it turned out the time was right . I wanted to reflect the evolution how nature, animals and we humans adapt and behave in situations on which we have no control and how we are connected with each other .Those who are familiar with my work know that the pinguin occasionally intrudes into my paintings .. it is my way of depicting a serious matter with a wink. The title is a reflection to the book I once read by Aldous Huxly.
# realism #conceptual #modern #contemporary #figurative #nature #season #masks #covid19 #Corona virus #birds Tomtit Robin