Andrea Stanić

Andrea Stanić

Location: Croatia

Andrea Stanic was born in Rijeka (Croatia, Europe) in 1974, where she lives and works. She uses oil paints techniques on canvas with different motives; coastal landscapes, figurative art which include lines, shapes, colors, and abstractions that she adores because she loves free expression. She thinks that each artwork has its own individual character which can draw observers into magic artistic world. She rarely gives name to pictures because she doesn't want to restrict viewers freedom to imagine. She is proud that her paintings adorn many spaces. She also has been participated in charity auctions, and she gladly helps the needy, especially the children. As an art editor, she illustrated two covers of a novel. She was held a several solo and group exhibitions, presenting her paintings along with many well-known artists and receiving numerous accolades.

Marta Lock, international art critic,
"Croatian artist Andrea Stanic chooses precisely the path of expressive independence because for her, the work must have its own distinct personality, it must be an extension of the feelings she experienced when she approached the canvas to begin creating; Basically, she moves between Abstract Expressionism and Expressionism, depending on whether she desires to talk about a concept more linked to interaction, to relationships with others, or whether she wants to link nature to her inner feelings, to the depths of her being or to more human sensations, or whether she feels the need to express her deep love for seascapes, for regattas, for the sails that often colour the wonderful sea of her country, Croatia. The choice of colour is always lively, intense, sunny, almost as if for Andrea Stanic colour was inseparable from life, a positive approach that cannot fail to emerge from her paintings, which are often explosive but also in other cases more meditative, depending on the subject she chooses to deal with."
SOLO exhibitoins;
-"Bezvremenski put boja",2019.,Zagreb,Croatia
-"Colori della vita",2015.,Trst,Italy
-"Vedrine Centrala",2013.,Rijeka,Croatia
-"Opus-slikarske dekoracije",2013.,Kastav,Croatia
-"Boje života",2011.,Opatija,Croatia
-"Svjetionik života",2009.,Matulji,Croatia

-"Mujer en Libertad",projekt izložba,Peru,2022.

-"In Blue",Italy.,2022.

-"Dona tu sei Arte",Italy,2022,

-"Confluence of expression III",u organizaciji Svjetske organizacije umjetničkih klubova Zervas Art Club UNESCO,special award,2022.,India

-Talentila Art India,curator of exhibition "Womens Day",2022.

-"The Art's Hall of Fame",Guatemala,2022.,special award

-"Kroz gradove",2022.,Zagreb,galerija Zvonimir

-"International Women's Day",Peru.,2022,

-Art project:Mujeres;Artistas del Mundo",Peru.,2022,

-"Talentila Foundation".,2022.India,special award

-"Un Carneval de Amor y Allegria",Peru,2022,

-"My freedom My Art",Hungary,2022,

-"Amare con Arte",Italy,2022,

-"De Pintura y De Escultura",Acos Artristas Plasticos Las Penas,2022.,Ecuador

-"Croatia Arts",Mekenes,Maroko,2022,

-"Paz y Amor en el Mundo",Brazil.,2022,

-Minijatutom u Lopar",2022.,Croatia,

-"Beyond the Rainbow",2022,gold award

-"Creative digital Abstract Art-Valentine'S Day",2022,


-"Dr.Mostafa Sadek Global Art Award 2022",Alexandria,Egypt,special award

-"Black Purple",2022,.special gold award

-"Koloristički intimizam",galerija Zvonimir Zagreb,2022,

-"Master of Art",special award by international artist Enzo Marino,Naples, Italy,2022,

-"Ples boja",Zagreb,Croatia,2021.

-"Master of ART"special award by Ali Celik,2022.,Turky

-"Los Ojos del Mundo-Ambasador representing Croatia",Guatemala.,2021.

-"Expolitana de Arte II Edicion 2021" Colombia

-"Abstracto" by Jorge Heiber,2021,

-"Green Emerald",2021.,special award.

-"Association of World Artists",India,special award,2021.

-"Ambasador of Peace",IHRSWO,2021India,special award

-"A bridge beetwen nations and artists",Hungary,2021.,best artist award

-"Manikarnika Art Gallery",India,2021.

-"Auntum Plette",Canada,2021,

-"Art Competetion",2021.,Sri Lanka
-"In the time of DISTRESS a bridge to connect the world by art",2021,Kerala,India
-"Your best inspiration",2021.
-"Art and Craft Show".2021,Sri Lanka
-"International Award Art",2021,Australia
-"Living Art",2021.,Napoli,Italy
-"Wave of thoughts",2021.,Bongoura,India
-"Jedno novo vrijeme",2021.,Zagreb,Croatia
-International Art Colony Kostrena",2020.,Kostrena,Croatia
-"Covid art",2020.,Napoli,Italy
-"Boje i emocije",2020.,Zagreb,Croatia
-"Retro Art Corner",2019.,Opatija,Croatia
-"Maksimirski intermezzo",2019.,Zagreb,Croatia
-"Igre boja",2019.,Zagreb,Croatia

My art slogan;
"Art is interesting when we standing in front of something which we cannot fully explain. "Artist has to create and it is irrelevant whether you are a professional or an amateur. Well, the amateurs were Van Gogh and Cezanne, Isn't It?”.
It is very important for the artist to create continuously. I perceives painting as an intimacy reflection of human-nature; whether reasonable, spiritually, emotionally, instinctive sense.Although,in my private life I ready to accept compromise, but when I docustom paintings, I don't like to paint replicas and in that case I am without compromise. “Every human and artist, sees and feels in his own way, in his own eyes through colors, or movement.”


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