Tuula Kaija Tiilikainen

Tuula Kaija Tiilikainen

Location: Finland

I am a retired teacher and MA in English and Nordic Philology.and a Finnish artist . I like acryl painting and printmaking (grafic art).
I have participated in many art exhibitions in Finland and in a couple of ones in Germany ( Bremen and Chemnitz).



Art is life to me and life is art. Ars longa vita brevis-as they say in Latin..

I like making prints in the traditional way they were made centuries ago. In other ways - etched in a plate of copper and finally printed through a printer on wet paper..
To make more colourful art acryl painting on canvas is nice.

Colourful “Colourful”

Painted in acryl on canvas.

At the cottage “At the cottage”

A photo taken for some years ago.

In the evening “In the evening”

Graphic print. Aquatint and etching