Location: Canada



Vania was born in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. At very early age she began to study visual arts and to play piano and in 1984 graduated from the High School of Arts in her native town Plovdiv. Between 1985 and 1991 she completed her Master university degree at the Academy of Fine Arts, Sofia in the specialty Illustration and Design of Books. Vania is the first artist in the family considering that her family includes three professional doctors and the Bulgarian Deputy Minister of Education ( 2008 - 2013).
She began displaying her art since age of 13 at the group public exhibits throughout Bulgaria under the auspices of the High School of Arts where she studied. Later she continued her academic studies at the Academy of Fine Arts where she studied Painting, Art History, Drawing, Illustration and design of books, Plastic Anatomy of human’s body, Political Science and Pedagogy.
Her art work has been displayed in many public and private art galleries in Bulgaria. In 1992 as a result of being affected by the economical and political crisis in Eastern Europe she emigrated in Malta. Since then she has been exhibiting her art work in different worldwide locations, her inspiration is drawn from her life experience as an immigrant as well from the books she reads. Some of her art work is based on a social thematic and have antimilitary impact. In 2002 she was selected to participate in the international art project called “1001 reasons to love the Earth” with one of her art works called “No more wars” which was reproduced in the art collection book.

She lived in Malta for 5 years before immigrating to Calgary, Canada. During the time of her unique solo exhibit by poetry of G. Apollinaire in Malta, the local media filmed documentary from her exhibit in the cultural program “Meander”, as well she was filmed few times in the local news.
Vania was a recipient of the Award of Distinction for Immigrants in Arts and Culture for 2015.
On May 7, 2015, The Global TV Calgary had a short documentary in the news hour about her teaching art in Earl Grey Elementary School, Calgary, Canada.

Her experience as an immigrant and a mother improve her visions as an artist and the understanding of the life value. That let her do her paintings and drawings as a creative endeavor in order to express her visual concepts about the power of the life and the human’s creativity.



2010 Certificate of Legal Assistant – SAIT
2009 – 2012 Certificate of Commissioner for Oaths
2003 Certificate of Business Office Administration – The Career College
1985 – 1991 Academy of Fine Arts in Sofia, Bulgaria – Master of Fine Arts
1979 – 1984 High School of Arts - “Tzanko Lavrenov” in Plovdiv, Bulgaria


2015 Recipient of Award of Distinction for Immigrants in Arts and Culture
2014 Designing the picture of Elbow Park School
2013 Designing the picture of Earl Grey School for their 100th Anniversary.
1999 - 2015 Organizing and coordinating Private Art programs - Elementary schools.
2009 – 2013 Participated in group exhibitions organized by the Calgary Multicultural Centre
at the City Hall and Motion Gallery, Calgary.
2009 Keystone Art Gallery (Art Central) – group exhibition
2006 - 2007 Organizing the Art Program at St. Peter the Aleut Orthodox Church.
2005 – 20010 Founder of the Church Art Sale – all donations contributed to the Church Building Fund.
2002 – 2010 Donated art work for the Silent Auction at the Gala Dinner at the Award of Distinction for Immigrants - 2002 Finalist in Arts and Culture category.
2002 Participated in a group exhibition at the Gala Dinner of APEGGA, Edmonton
2002 Donated art work for the Live Auction (Fundraising event ) at the Art Gallery of Calgary.
2002 Participated in the World Art Collection - 1001 reasons to love the Earth
art work published in the book - 1001 reasons to love the Earth
2002 Designing the picture sign of Bankview Community Centre.
2000 Solo exhibition at Romfeya Art Gallery – Plovdiv, Bulgaria
1999 Group exhibition at The World Fine Art Gallery – New York, USA
1998 Solo exhibition at the World Fine Art Gallery – New York, USA
1996 Solo exhibition at the Mediterranean Conference Centre, Valetta, Malta
Exhibition under the patronage of His Excellency Mr.Hugo Miffsud Bonicci
The President of Malta - 20% donated to the Community Chest Fund –Malta.

Professional Affiliate Member of CARFAC National and CARFAC Copyright Collective


Pictures inspired by Calligrammes by G. Apollinaire

Guillaume Apollinaire was born on August 26,1880 in Rome . As being the founder of the AVANT - GARDE style in ART in Paris during the first decade of the last Century two figures were outstanding Picasso and Apollinaire. Guillaume Apollinaire was a man of such a magnetic charm and inspiration that many years after he died the joy and the fantasy died too. Not only he was the mount piece for the early Cubist painters, but he also spouted the doctrines of Delaunay and the Strum Group and his own works had the influence on the young Surrealist poets. "Calligrammes" is one of his most well known books written between 1913 - 1916 and including poems about the War and Peace. Apollinaire himself took part in the Great War and those kind of deep reflections motivated him to write the surrealistic poetry in "Calligrammes".