Ursula E Rettich

Ursula E Rettich

Location: Canada

Born, raised and educated in Germany
1955 Worked in Switzerland
1958 Immigrated to Canada (Cassiar BC)
1963 Moved to Burnaby B.C.
1979 Joined the Guild of Fabric Arts in Vancouver
1993 Move to Kaslo, B.C.
Set up art studio: 4711 Art Gallery
2 years private tutoring in oil and acrylic by
Slovakian Artist Peter Estok
1996 1 year training with Deb Peabody at the Nelson Art Centre
Workshop: Susan Northcot S.F.C.A.
Ongoing Workshops in Figure drawing, Plain Air, Acrylic, Life drawings
1993 to 2001 active board member at the Langham Gallery in Kaslo B.C.
1997 Exhibition Coordinator at the Langham Gallery
1998 to 2001 Vice President at the Langham Gallery
I received “Award of Excellent” and several
Honorable Mentions for my Fabric art as well
for some selected paintings.
2008 Moved to Abbotsford BC



My art is abstract because feelings, dreams, and illusions do not have forms or boundaries.
There is nothing more exciting than an empty canvas and the need to use my brush- sponge- pallet knife- etc to fill it with colors.

I like to give color a certain
Independence and liberty in my work. I see a picture, say – a landscape – I connect it with my inner emotional space to establish color and shape in my mind but the base of my vision is still the landscape.
What I commit to canvas is an effort to capture both the external picture and my internal response through colour and shape

Ocean and windpower “Ocean and windpower”

the north sea and the clean energy

Catching the colour by the dike “Catching the colour by the dike”

The North sea and the colours I see