Sue Lederhose

Sue Lederhose

Location: Australia

Sue Lederhose grew up in country Queensland, Australia on a mixed dairy farm. After completing her schooling she obtained a teaching degree and worked in several rural schools. In 1981 she married, and in the ensuring years had five children, ran a business, worked as a teacher and became involved in her community and church.
Sue was always interested in art and in 2002 she decided to seriously pursue her interest. She initially learnt form books in the local library and later she attended workshops to further her skills. From the beginning of her art career she has successfully exhibited her work in competitive exhibitions all over the state, putting together a string of awards. She has recently been published in the ‘Artist’s Palette’, been featured on a TV ‘Colour in Your Life’ episode and is a sought after judge. Her career in teaching has naturally flowed on to art teaching to both adults and children. Her solid grounding in theory as well as her own practice has made her a popular teacher.

Artist’s Statement
Sue sees the beauty of God’s creation everywhere and paints in an impressionistic style that makes her soul sing. She uses watercolour, pastel and mixed media with a wide variety of subjects drawn from her local rural area.
Sue loves to teach and help others on their own creative journey. Her ambition is to continue to learn and explore the visual arts with a passion.


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