Claudia Limacher

The contemporary impressionism art of Claudia Limacher is inspired by nature and its organic forms. She paints intuitively, having discovered her passion for painting by chance when working in a professional studio in 2013. With her synesthaetic perception as a merging of the senses, expressing her inner colorful world is a passion that results in a harmonic, mostly instinctive symphony of colors.

Claudia uses mixed media, acrylics, oil, spray paint, and pigments. While she rarely has a specific image in her mind, Limacher rather allows her instincts and imagination to take over, creating scenes that are beautiful and spontaneous. Her goal is to have the physics provide an organic shape, while also layering the paint in similar and wildly differing viscosities, resulting in the formation of different structures that may be landscapes or abstract perceptions of another world.

Each painting is a unique communication and demands its own life, which she continuously interprets to offer the abstract energy of color an environment that not only is an emotional platform during the creative process, but may ultimately provide a sense of joy and beauty to the viewer.

Claudia Limacher was born in Germany, but spent 20 years of her adult life in California, where she earned her MBA and built her own consulting company together with her husband. She lives in Lucerne, Switzerland since 2006 with her family and is in her studio as often as possible.


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